Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mid-Century Lifestyle vs Today - Your Opinion

Here's the basic question for all of you:

Do you think times were much better in the past? Is today's lifestyle so much worse than it was in say, the late 40's - early 60's?

Were people mostly happy, content, fit and satisfied in the mid-century?

Are people today overly stressed out, and take too many pills eat too much and want too many things, and are distracted by too many gadgets like computers and iPods to enjoy life?

I ask this partly because I hear that this is how some people feel. That today we are wrecking the planet, we are fat and unhappy and have too much junk. That we are mostly miserable.

That in the past people were healthy, had fewer worries and possessions and women and men essentially knew their expected roles and were very content.

I tend to find that distressing, because I think there are good and bad things about every era.

What say you?

All opinions welcomed and encouraged!

P.S. I think I already had a question like this before, but thought it was time to revisit it based on another blog I was reading.