Friday, June 4, 2010

Funny eBay Experiences

So the seller of the little blue vase emails me right after I win the item, asking that I leave her feedback as soon as I get it.

No problem! I email back, will do!

So item arrives on the 27th of May, I leave feedback. Yea me.

On June 2nd, I get an email from her again, asking for feedback. I emailed back pointing out, I already left feedback. I was nice about it, I promise! (Mine was the first feedback for her in over 90 days... Not hard to miss).

She emails back yesterday saying Thanks.

And no feedback from her as of today!

So you know me, trouble-maker that I am, I had to respond: Gonna leave me feedback too? =)<~~with the smilie. Gotta do the smilie lol...

Now, before you think I am anti-seller, wait!!! I have done a lot of selling on eBay as well, but I still chuckle over some of my experiences as a buyer and as a seller.

Do you have any funny, ironic or aggravating eBay or etsy stories to share?

Post them up! Venting is good for the soul. =D

Happy Friday! Thanks for sharing more about yourselves in the last post! We should all do an art showcase on our blogs one of these days (those of us who do or have done art).