Friday, June 4, 2010

Funny eBay Experiences

So the seller of the little blue vase emails me right after I win the item, asking that I leave her feedback as soon as I get it.

No problem! I email back, will do!

So item arrives on the 27th of May, I leave feedback. Yea me.

On June 2nd, I get an email from her again, asking for feedback. I emailed back pointing out, I already left feedback. I was nice about it, I promise! (Mine was the first feedback for her in over 90 days... Not hard to miss).

She emails back yesterday saying Thanks.

And no feedback from her as of today!

So you know me, trouble-maker that I am, I had to respond: Gonna leave me feedback too? =)<~~with the smilie. Gotta do the smilie lol...

Now, before you think I am anti-seller, wait!!! I have done a lot of selling on eBay as well, but I still chuckle over some of my experiences as a buyer and as a seller.

Do you have any funny, ironic or aggravating eBay or etsy stories to share?

Post them up! Venting is good for the soul. =D

Happy Friday! Thanks for sharing more about yourselves in the last post! We should all do an art showcase on our blogs one of these days (those of us who do or have done art).


  1. I've sold and bought a lot on ebay for a dozen years now. I've always believed that the one who completes the transaction first (i.e., the buyer who PAYS) should receive feedback right away, not the other way around. Why should I leave the seller feedback FIRST? Anyway, I gave up trying to follow that approach as a buyer, but I agree with you, about 30 percent of sellers I've bought from have been very slow to leave me feedback, and I pay instantly. Doesn't make me want to buy from them again, and I don't.

    My bigger gripe with ebay is with the five-star rating system. It's like Lake Wobegon, only not only do all sellers have to be above average, they have to be even better than that! I try to be honest when a seller ships slowly, after all, this is supposed to be an honest rating system. I haven't sold on ebay in a couple of years, however, because I don't agree with all the nickel and dimeing of fees or some of the other newer rules they've imposed.

    It's a sham., Years ago ebay was really cool. I still buy there (more than I should!) but I doubt I'll ever sell on ebay again.

  2. I'm with you, Uncle Atom. I pay instantly, and I leave feedback within 24 hours of getting my item, tops.

    I stopped caring if sellers leave me feedback, but if they ask for it, and ask for it twice, then give me feedback right away too!

    I know the frustrations as s seller, but I was always cordial, even to the most rude.

    And I sure the heck checked my email just BEFORE auctions ended for potential question! Why sellers ask you email 24 hours before auction ends is beyond me. You may not find the item until it has an hour to go. It's just plain dumb, you lose business that way. You run a business, treat it like one. =)

  3. EBay Ebay how you haunt me!!! I love it i can't lie...i find myself saying i wont then i do!!

    I had such a bad experience selling...that i wont again...i placed a vintage 3 piece play suit in pink and black on ebay...the price sold for 100.00 oh my word...the buyer paid right away...i shipped right away.

    ..then a month later i had a buyers dispute...the womans husband said he would never allow his wife to buy something that expensive...that i wrongly charged them...she lied and said she never bought something from me...ebay took the money from my account in 3 days.

    i didn't even know it was going on cuz i was out of town for the weekend...poof money gone...dress gone...grrrrr...liars! oh well what comes around goes around...selling is horrid on ebay!!!! oh well! By the way i love all your matter where from they are fab!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i sold a vintage vinyl Snoopy pencil bag. Listed in the description as having some small tears, photo included. Buyer in Netherlands won it for 99pence. I got an email once she recieved it complaining about the ters and demanding her money back, including shipping. I pointed out that she knew the item had faults and tht I would, under no circumstances, refund her the shipping as ebay wouldn't require it. But, I was very polite. She kept emailing me, thru ebay, and i was responding, thru ebay. She finally got very nasty with me and opened a complaint saying I never responded to her emails...which I did (and kept). I suggested that she check her spam folder and boy, howdy, that really set her off! lol. After two weeks of wrngling, she gave up, sent the bag back, and I refunded her her original purchase price of 99p (about $2 at that time).

    I never resorted to name-calling, but she sure did...all over 99p. What a twit.


  5. A sellers worst fear: A chargeback where you lose both money and item! That sucks!!

    Pixie I had a buyer go ballistic over a $30 item. It's been so long I can't recall the exact details, but she was non-responsive for a long time, then emailed angry because I never contacted her. Huh? I had emailed her twice when a week and about 10 days went by.

    Cussing, swearing, then she sent the check and told me to forget it, she didn't want the item! It was very strange...

  6. I had a buyer leave feedback on a CD that they won for 99c. Apparently, they were very 'happy with the product', however the postage was 'way out of line'. Funny, seeings that the postage was exactly as Australia Post charged me. It actually COST me money to sell that CD!

  7. I bought an item from a seller once. It was such a good deal, and I noticed the seller had to pay an extra $5 on shipping.

    So being the cool buyer I am, I sent another $5 with an email saying I was happy with the item and was giving her the extra shipping it cost her (because she really hadn't made any money on the deal).

    Her response was:


    ^^^Just like that lol! That was it.

    Well, hey, a "thank you" would have been sort of nice... Eh lol...

  8. It seems like a lot of people (think twits) act less cordial when its selling/buying over the internet. I think of it as the same as buying or selling to a person right in front of me. I wouldnt act like they do in person and I hope they wouldnt either but I have my doubts.

  9. There are some people who don't have a problem being rude to your (or my) face grrrr

  10. I had a bad experience on Etsy with a buyer who wanted a custom apron made.. she thought it would be fine to not buy it or even respond to friendly reminder messages for well over a month. Uncool!

  11. I learned looong ago, to never do commission work as an artist and crafts person. Or at the very least, get a deposit up front.

    Others may disagree, but when you do something on commission the expectation level always exceeds the price they are willing to pay.

    I create, I sell. You like, you buy lol... Worked for me. =)

  12. For the most part I have had decent experiences on ebay. I try not to buy or sell on there too much though because I figure it is just a matter of time before my luck goes bad. Most sellers I have found actually care, but some are just looking to make money off of something they should be selling in a yard sale.

    For example, I was looking for one of those cool 60s/70s rug wall hangings of a bullfight (my parents had one when I was growing up). I found one that listed as vintage and had pictures to support the description. However, when I got it I soon realized that the seller kept out information, like the fact that it was printed cotton (which it stated on the back) and was serged! There is more that I can't think of off the top of my head that clearly showed that it wasn't vintage or even what was described.

    It turns out that the seller never physically had it and was selling it for his father who gave him the description and pics. Really?!? Not cool. I ended up taking a partial refund because it would have cost more to send it back. My cats really like sleeping on it though so I guess there is one positive.

  13. Ahhh had a similar experience Tart Deco.

    Two wooden and metal horse statues, advertised as "vintage, from an estate selling other vintage horse items", and when I got them, there was a brand new "Made in India" label clearly on the bottom. Same with my atomic/planetary sculpture, had a brand new "Made in Italy" pure white sticker on the bottom.

    Ah well, both were inexpensive, I don't mind one or two repro items, but TELL us they are repro, because getting true vintage (and not last week vintage) is important to most all of us!

  14. Argh! I'm reading all of this and getting discouraged...I have a ton of stuff I need to list on ebay right now. Its been a long time since I have sold heavily and have had many a good & a bad experience. Ebay is either hot or cold, no warm!

  15. No worries Amber, these are the worst of the worst lol...

    99% of what folks buy and sell are fine. =)

  16. I have used ebay before but dont' really have any bad stories however I do use a nz version called trademe and yes I've tried to sell things on there in very good condition for bargain prices only to have children push the "buy now" and to find from the actual buyer (the parent) that they didnt' want it and because I've left bad feedback on them they've in return done it to me, go figure *sigh*

  17. I really hate it when sellers harass about leaving feedback. I understand feedback is important, but sellers need to understand that not everyone has a zippy cable modem. My dialup is so slow it can take over an hour to leave feedback for one item, so I can only do it when I have a significant amount of free time. And sending a bunch of emails it'll take forever to respond to only slows down the process further.

  18. Wow that sucks, Amy...

    Yes, Anon, some people forget, folks still use dial-up as well...

    The seller of the blue vase emailed me back to say she accidentally deleted the listing and didn't know how to leave ME feedback! Ha ha ha.

    But then she emailed again, said she found a way and for me to go check what she wrote.

    It was just an average regular feedback.

    I have no idea why feedback was such a big deal here but hey, what can ya do? lol...

  19. I never understand why it takes people so long to leave feedback. I bought something on Etsy back in March and the seller still has yet to leave me feedback, WTH? lol Other than my most recent dress ebay story, I got nothing! lol

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Only one bad eBay experience so I'm pretty happy with it, although some of the sellers could use a course in packaging. Fortunately so far when things have arrived broken the seller has been super duper about replacing.