Saturday, June 5, 2010


*Whew* they are here! Thanks to my friends friend Simon, and Scot the seller (who helped Simon load them in his truck). Simon got the gardener next door to help him get it off the truck because the oven was heavier than I thought. Me and my crippled up back! Ugh.

Was able to get them in the Studio without too much fanfare.

But it's a huge relief to finally have these!

Now the bad news.

Had Simon, who does contracting work, take a look around my house.

Well, I pretty much know what-all she needs to have done. But he was throwing in fumigation, checking the foundation (It's on a partial concrete slab) and he said the living room floor was sloping (not sure that's true, but that's what he said he thought hmmm), and pretty much ticked of all the other things I need to get done.

The foundation thing makes me very nervous (money, I kept picturing myself in the poor house lol) but he said contractors are hurting for work now, so I'd likely get a good deal. And gave me some suggestions on how to find one.

Now, for the guys who are sick of all the pink, I wanted to mention a couple more "guy blogs" I don't think many of you belong to. I love to see the men blogging about mid-century stuff because we women already have our end covered.

First: Dad's Dish Retro. Check it out HERE.

And: Coolness is Timeless. Check it out HERE.

**EDIT** Oops maybe that's because you joined them a long time ago and I didn't see the usual icons, but what the heck, go check them out again lol...