Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feel Free To Buy Me This: Astatic 600S Rocket Ship Microphone

Ohhhh baby...

(click on images for a larger, in your face look)...

What a beauty!

I simply want to set it on my desk and gaze at it... I might even pray to it. It's that lovely.

What a work of art!

Snag it (for me lol) HERE.


  1. That is fantastically wonderful!

    Fantastically wonderful? Well, you know what I mean. However sweetie, for that price you'll have to snag it for yourself (or maybe we could take up a collection). ;-) lol

    It is very cool! I could see Frank or Dino singing into that thing!

  2. Ha ha I guess you're right, Carole... I guess it IS an expensive dust collector. But I just love it. =D

    Yes, can see the Rat Pack crooning into this beauty.

  3. Well if you just want to gaze at it, make a print out and set that on your desk... much cheaper and less to dust!

    Another one of life's dilemmas solved by your friendly space commander ;P

  4. I think the space commander is on to something, MISS, lol. It IS amazing!

  5. Well, now that IS an option lol...

    But look at it's streamline shape...

    The fins...

    The grill...

    It's calling my name like that old slot machine in one of those Twilight Zone episodes... "Franklin... FRANKLIN..."

    Only in my case, it's "1950's Atomic Ranch Housssseeeee" Har!

  6. I love it, I used to be a singer and I would have died if I'd been singing into this, WOW! You know I used to have some old microphones mmmm wonder where they went ha ha!

  7. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS?! For god's sake, for that price he'd better send the band, too!!!!!

  8. Haha, Vintage Christine, you said it! :)

  9. Oh my - now that really IS divine!

  10. That IS Cool!! I'd be dragging it around all day singing "Shooby Dooby Dooooo".

  11. BEAUTIFUL! My neighbor Ray would love that, he is a Blues Musician!