Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Does Anyone Else Have This Problem? Vintage Plugs and Modern Extension Cords

Here's a little issue I encountered recently. I wonder if any of you had the same.

Being the lover of vintage lamps that I (and so many of you are) am, I bought some standard household (read cheap) extension cords to be able to add more lamps to my living room.

I discovered the new extension cords will allow a vintage plug to go in HALF WAY, then it stops. As if that's all the space there is inside those new plugs!

I wiggle and wrigggle, and can sometimes get one to go in, but not with every lamp.

It's as if the new extension cords (no doubt made cheap in China) are made so the last half is narrower than the plug. By an amount that makes it impossible to plug in some of my lamps!

Have any of you come across this problem, and what have you done to solve it?

Other than using a hammer or pliers or razor blade? lol...