Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Disneyland Anaheim CA 1955 - Before Opening Day

Yes indeed, at least this is what Mom always told us kids. That she and Dad took a drive out to Anaheim when they first moved here to California in 1955.

The park was not open yet, so Dad snapped a few photos from the parking lot. The dirt parking lot.

Above we see the now famous entrance into the park, in the process of being built.

Mickeys castle, at the entrance, right? Where the train comes along.

And some very space age looking building. What is that? Does anyone know? I've been to Disneyland many times and I'm not sure what it is.

And viva Las Vegas, baby! Classic Vegas, same year, 1955.

Just remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. ;)

How many of you have been to Disneyland?

Best Disneyland memories?

Been to Las Vegas?

And did you remember going to Vegas? lol...


  1. We never went to Disneyland or Vegas :( But I used to watch the "Wonderful World of Disney" every Sunday night right after "Wild Kingdom." Does that count???

  2. I watched that too, so YES, it counts! =D

  3. I went to Disneyland for my birthday in 2009. We don't go too often because you have to get a home equity loan to afford tickets. No joke!

    My favorite memory is being in junior high band and we always made the pilgrimage in the spring to march through the park. We always thought we were cool because we got to go "backstage". What a group of band nerds. LOL To this day, my junior high has a standing invitation to go there and march just like we did 28 years ago.

  4. Amber over at I Heart Everything said it cost $70 each!! With a discount!! I was shocked! Been a long time since I went back... =O

  5. Never been to Vegas - but Disneyland?
    Oh, yeah!
    Disneyland is truly my Happiest Place. I love it so!
    I don't recognize those shapes in your picture, though - and those are some neat photos, by the way!!

  6. Great photos! Yes, been there and loved it! Best memory, riding the Mad Hatter's tea cups with my little brother and the Matterhorn with my big sister. It was fun taking our four children a few years back too.

  7. I never got to go to Disneyland. sniff sniff.., but I was like Space Commander and our "blog hostess" :) in that I watched Marlin Perkins (that was his name, right?) on Wild Kingdom and followed that with "the Wonderful World of Disney". Awwwwww good times. :)

  8. I've never been to Disneyland but I've been to Vegas many times, not bad for a British girl!

    I would like to go to Disneyland though but whenever I visit California I tend to spend my money on vintage clothes & stuff for the house!

  9. My parents and two older sisters and I went to the Disneyland in Anaheim CA. I was probably 3 or 4. It would have been very early 60's. I remember the Cup and Saucer ride and riding in a little boat where me viewed miniature houses and people on the sides. I loved that! Also got a Mickey Mouse hat (wish I still had it).

  10. Thanks for showing the old Disney pics! My sister and I are adults now, but my dad is taking us to Disney in September because as he says he can finally afford it now!! I love reading your blog! Keep it up.

  11. Thanks for sharing all your Disney and Vegas memories! And for those of you who haven't been, let me tell you the downside:


    Most of the year, it's HOT in Anaheim. It's close to the coast, but try standing in an hour-long line in 90 degree F heat.

    The last time I went, I think it was 1990. But every time I went, even as a kid, it was CROWDED!! The best rides had wait times of up to TWO HOURS!

    Long wait, short rides. Oh and no place to sit down anywhere!

    We were of modest means, and that meant I didn't get much in the way of food and drinks, because those are freaking expensive!

    And as for buying souvenirs? Take out a small loan.

    Vegas as a kid: went when I was about 8. Wasn't too much fun back then as a kid, except for Circus Circus.

    Went for a New Years when I was 21 and it was one big drunkin' crowded mess. NOT fun! Never again!

  12. These photos are awesome!

    I actually have been to Disneyland once, we sort of won a free trip to Cali when I was about 10 - back then if you gave up your seat on the plane, the airlines hooked you up with freebies galore. My family did this and somehow we got some free trip to anywhere in the US and my parents took us to CA for two weeks of bliss! Best domestic trip I ever remember!

    Disney World I've been to dozens of time as an east coast person. I also was sent there to cover many Disney press events as a teen entertainment writer.

    Now Vegas, I have never been. We talk about going but I'm a slot addict so I think this wouldn't be the best environment for me :(

  13. Hiya Ally... Wow, a free trip!

    Very cool about your work as a writer, have been reading all about it at your blog =D

    And I played the 5 cent slots while at Vegas. Yeah, I'm a high roller! lol...

  14. Hello!
    Anthony, here, from Pop Circus - I wanted to drop by and say, "Thank you!" for choosing to Follow my blog. I know there are literally thousands of others you could select, so I DO appreciate you finding something unique enough about mine.

    Btw, I love, love, LOVE Disneyland! It totally IS waaay too expensive, but there's no other place like it... Except for Disney World, Euro Disney, Tokyo Disney, etc. ;)

  15. Those photos are too, too fabulous!
    I've only been to Tokyo Disneyland but dreamed of going to the Californian one since seeing the spinning cups ride on the titles to 'Wonderful World of Disney'.
    I still want to go - particularly to visit the enchanted tiki room.

  16. Haven't been to Disneyland (Disney World, in 1975, pre-Epcot, yes). Vegas - yes, in 1991. I had an aunt (now deceased) who lived there most of her adult life and adored it. She was a blackjack dealer. I was in college, and she saved up money for months to fly me out to see her for a week. She was so happy to show me "her Vegas" and we did it up right - great seats to Siegfried and Roy, a gourmet dinner at La Vie En Rose (forgot which hotel that's in), seeing the best of the other nicest hotels (the dolphin pool at the Mirage!), and out to see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. She worked at the Excalibur, then it was one of the newest hotels. Happy memories. Now I'm an old fogey mom of 4 and I really don't need to ever go back. ; )

  17. MoonDoggie, I loved the Tiki room!

    Becky, very, very cool! I love that she called it "her Vegas".

    As a kid it was fun for me.

    My folks went to see Elvis there, back in the day before we kids came along. Said he sung terribly lol...

  18. Having just been to Disneyland last week, I can give you an update!

    It wasn't too hot, and I think they have done a good job of adding seats around the park, and lots of shade now too. You can also do free "Fast Pass" que-ing for the rides. You scan your entry ticket and it spits out a scheduled time period to come back and zip through the lines. It is a way of regulating the traffic for all of the rides.

    The longest we waited for a ride with out a fast pass was Space Mountain (about 40 min) but it was totally worth it. That ride is my fave and blows my mind!. They have you wait in the shade and also throughout an air conditioned building. Still, sunblock is a must at the park.

    Souvenirs are hella expensive but surprisingly, the food was reasonable for being in a theme park. There are tons of places to eat. I even found vegetarian Gumbo for myself..and it was damn good!

    Once you are there and take a look at the spectacle that is Disneyland and how clean & friendly and well maintained the whole place is (and it is huuuuge) you can get an understanding on why it costs what it does to get in. I still believe it is worth it. If you get a season pass, and visit regularly, it is actually affordable. As for me, I'm a new fan, only been twice in my life and that was on my last two Birthdays, so I'm not all all jaded about D-Land! I think its amazing and everyone should go at least once!

    I have some pics up on I Heart Everything, you can reach it from the side bar of blogs Miss Atomic has provided. It is the "Busy Busy Busy" post. Just look at the smiles on our faces and you'll wanna go too!

  19. Oh! I forgot to say thanks for the pics Ms Atomic!! I think those dome buildings might be in Tomorrowland. They have changed it quite a bit since the really cool 50's & 60's version but I think those used to be there, they do look futuristic!

  20. I've been to Disneyland many times. My grandpa helped build it. My favorite story is that on opening day my grandparents had free tickets to go, but the cups and saucers broke down and my grandpa had to go to work. He always said that he would never ride them, but I always do when I go there because they remind me of him.

  21. Thank you for posting the close ups. I'm a huge Disney fan and it's fun to see snapshots from back before it became the entity it is today.