Saturday, June 26, 2010


Denouement. (pronounced /deɪˈnuːmɑ̃/)

For my friends not familiar with literary terms, the denouement comes after the climax of a story. You know, it's the "after glow" part.

OK, the conclusion.

And here is mine.

If the floor looks bizarre, it's because I darkened it. Yes, it's that bad. No, I will not show it on the internet until I get it redone.

Simon, my Aussie picker-upper of large items, said when he saw it was in Gardena, he wanted the extra $50 also because he thought:

"That's where all the black people live".

Nice, eh?

Uhh Simon, I think what you meant is, you thought I was sending you to some crime infested crack house area. This could be populated by any race.


But, here they are, in my living room.

Clearly I can't take a good photo, and I didn't dress it up any, but thus concludes the tale of the White Atomic Chairs.

Please pretend I didn't just throw that piece of atomic cloth over another pillow.


Oh and I told Simon, I'd get back to him on hiring him to do my electrical work.

When cows fly lol...

P.S. Best friend, business partner of Simon, just laughed when I told him Simon asked for an additional $50.

Friend said: "You could have said 'no'".

Oh sure, Simon had me by the short hairs here. What was I gonna do, refuse and have him refuse to go get them?

I just wanted to let him know how his "partner" handled this business situation with me, his looooong time friend.

Thanks everyone for allowing me to vent this whole deal. You don't have to reply, I'm just letting the last bit of the drama fade away.......


  1. Glad to see them in their new home finally.

  2. I'm tired just thinking about the whole thing ha ha.

  3. Okay, wow, dude had some brass ones. That flippin' sucks that you had all that to endure. But through all the drama you got your chairs AND they rock with that surfboard atomic kidney bean coffee table. DAMN girl! How cool is that? Bees knees cool, I will tell ya!

    Hugs, love, and peace to you, Miss.

  4. The chairs look great with the coffee table and pillow! It was worth the suffering - well, at least some of the suffering, maybe not the extra money part.

  5. hehe.... Are you really gonna paint your floors dark like that for real?


    Before you fling a vase toward my head, I think I'll just let myself out the door right now LMAO

  6. Darlene... I'm not happy about Simon, nor my best friend. Was surprised he thought it amusing the guy had the balls to ask for more money. Friends. Sometimes you learn a lot about them. I learned about both for the sum of $50 ;)

    Thanks Uncle Atom, boy do I love the chairs. They kind of "spring up" as you get up out of them, sort of launching you into the future...

    Ha ha ok that sounded silly, but they really do.

    Yes Space Commander, my floors are really a photoshop 'burn' gray =P Silly goose lol...

  7. Glad you got the chairs finally!They're awesome!

  8. I am very GLAD you got your amazing chairs after all the hassle you will now be able to ENJOY them for years.. so it was worth it. =)

  9. Yay - now stick to buying small stuff that can be delivered in the post. ;)

  10. those chairs were worth it though, they look fabulous!

  11. At least they are yours now... I agree with you though, what else where you meant to do? He was practically holding your poor chairs hostage! Are there 'tradie review' type sites that you can use to leave a piece of your mind in case anybody decides to google his name before they hire him for a piece of work?

  12. Yay! I love a happy ending :) and had you NOT said anythign abotu the pillow, I thought it was some cool atomic fabrick with a pink-ish piping haha.

  13. Miss Emmi

    Simon mostly does commercial construction, so there's no way to review him (he doesn't do residential by trade).

    But, there ARE a whole lot of residential contractors and workers who are desperately looking for work, so I can pick and choose among many people to get my work done.

    Simon gained $50, but lost out on potentially thousands. I spent $50 to learn he was untrustworthy. Not bad.

    Guy was stupid.

  14. Mick that maroon border is part of the atomic fabric piece!

  15. Just another way to show you how different men are from women--if someone tried to finagle another fifty bucks from Mike after they'd agreed on a price he probably would've laughed at him and told him to go to hell and then the job would've gotten done and afterwards they would've (I like that word today) had some beer. WE get all huffy and offended and feel helpless and don't say anything and then self-righteously get all indignant afterwards and wish evil things on this person. It's happened to me so many times in my life and seeing you go through it just confirms what I already knew--you're my long-lost sister, ha ha.

  16. Ha ha Christine. I'm quite aggressive in business, been playing alongside men for a long time.

    But in this case, after 3 weeks, I just wanted the chairs here and to be done with the nonsense.

    You are right, and I admire men the ability to shake it off and go have a beer, (which is why I stopped dealing with a lot of women in business, they tend to continue to undercut other women, men don't do this), but...

    I also know when NOT to continue to deal with anyone in business, and negotiating after a deal is done, with no real cause for it, is a no-no in my business book. He can continue to go scratch out dollars from someone else. The dork. LOL!

  17. Now, who was the smart business person here?

    The one who spent $50 to learn the guy was an ass, or the guy who got the extra $50 and lost out on a bigger job?

    Huh? Huh? lolol...

    Signed, savvy in business and doesn't drink beer ;)

  18. glad to see you finally got them!

  19. TRULY understandable that you should have been so upset by all of that - and I'm just very happy that the chairs and stools are safely in their new home with you now.
    Bye, bye, drama - now you just get to sit back and ENJOY!!