Saturday, June 26, 2010


Denouement. (pronounced /deɪˈnuːmɑ̃/)

For my friends not familiar with literary terms, the denouement comes after the climax of a story. You know, it's the "after glow" part.

OK, the conclusion.

And here is mine.

If the floor looks bizarre, it's because I darkened it. Yes, it's that bad. No, I will not show it on the internet until I get it redone.

Simon, my Aussie picker-upper of large items, said when he saw it was in Gardena, he wanted the extra $50 also because he thought:

"That's where all the black people live".

Nice, eh?

Uhh Simon, I think what you meant is, you thought I was sending you to some crime infested crack house area. This could be populated by any race.


But, here they are, in my living room.

Clearly I can't take a good photo, and I didn't dress it up any, but thus concludes the tale of the White Atomic Chairs.

Please pretend I didn't just throw that piece of atomic cloth over another pillow.


Oh and I told Simon, I'd get back to him on hiring him to do my electrical work.

When cows fly lol...

P.S. Best friend, business partner of Simon, just laughed when I told him Simon asked for an additional $50.

Friend said: "You could have said 'no'".

Oh sure, Simon had me by the short hairs here. What was I gonna do, refuse and have him refuse to go get them?

I just wanted to let him know how his "partner" handled this business situation with me, his looooong time friend.

Thanks everyone for allowing me to vent this whole deal. You don't have to reply, I'm just letting the last bit of the drama fade away.......