Thursday, June 10, 2010

eBay Seller wayoutvintage - Crushed Lamp Shade - Scam!

Sorry to interrupt my usual blog posts, but this shade arrived damaged, and I have no clue how to send the seller photos via eBay because eBay doesn't seem to show an email address for each seller that I can find. So I will send the link of this post to the seller as proof.

What a shame, I'd just received the lamp this was to be paired with, and the shade was crushed beyond any use. =(

I know the seller will make it right once they see the condition it arrived in.

Corner of box was split. Top was crushed partly because the box was missing two of it's four flaps. Two had been cut off. This is how it looked when I opened it.


  1. Since I know you've received other shades via the mail that arrived in good condition, what do you think possessed someone to ship a fragile shade this way? This is why I've put off ordering lampshades because I'm afraid of dumb packers--you'd think people would "get it" about packing right when they ship breakables. But then there's all the broken Fenton glass I've been staring at for a week. Another thing--are you going to file a claim? If I were the postal inspector I'd laugh in your face (sorry, nothing personal) when I saw a lampshade had been shipped in a cardboard box with no reinforcement whatsoever. Waaaaaah!

  2. Oh, man. What a total drag. I have had mostly good luck with eBay, but on the occasions when something similar has happened to an item I purchased, I was so pissed. And I have NOT had cooperative sellers every time. It makes me angrier than one should be allowed to get about such things.

  3. Two of the four inner flaps were cut off, so it had even less top reinforcement.

    Seller: wayoutvintage ( Feedback Score Of 1375)
    100% Positive feedback

    So I hope they refund the total cost, because this was not my fault. =(

  4. I dont claim to know exactly how I would ship a lamp shade so fragile, but I know it wouldnt be like that. :(

  5. Her response:

    "I'm sorry to hear that. The shade was boxed properly and unfortunately I'm not responsible for damages during transit. USPS insurance is offered for that purpose at very low price and I think PAY PAL will protect buyers for such eventuality. Lillian"

    Uhh, it WAS her fault. Clearly.

    I opened a dispute with paypal. This was wrong.

  6. What a drag!!! Oh and for your information, Ebay changed it's policy and sellers ARE responsible for getting the item to you in perfect condition. They are not supposed to have buyers buy insurance anymore, it isnt even an option.

    Directly from ebay:
    "Insurance: You can't charge a separate fee for insurance, although you still need to make sure your item arrives as described. Tip: You should incorporate any insurance fees into an item's price or handling cost."

    Ebay also states:

    "You're not allowed to say that you're not responsible for item delivery or ensuring that the item is delivered as described. For example, we don't allow statements like "I am not responsible for the item once it's dropped in the mail."

    Here is your reference:

  7. Good grief, why does she sound so hands off about it? Just refund already. I'm so sorry to hear about this lampshade. :(

  8. Oooohh! :( Really, if people were on the up and up about everything, Ebay wouldn't have gotten so "user unfriendly". I hesitate to buy or sell much there anymore.
    That lampshade was totally NOT packed well at all. Not even close. What a shame. :( Pam @ Sallygoodin

  9. Thanks for letting us know the seller and her reply. Will NEVER buy from her now. That's just pure laziness...

  10. Sounds like it is time for wayoutvintage to get their first very negative feedback!

  11. I replied:

    "The item was NOT boxed properly at all and the damage occurred because of it as you can clearly see in the photos. Two of the four box flaps had been cut off prior to packing, and there was NO packing material to cushion it.

    I hope you will make this right."

    Her response:

    I'm offering to return what you'd paid for the shade which is $9.99 but not for shipping. The package was fine. I actually bought the box at Home Depot but had to make it shorter and the shade fit snag. I asked the assistant at the post office to please put the stamp of "fragile" and left the box on the counter since it was pre-paid. He apparently didn't do it and I'm sorry.
    Did you attach any pics somewhere, I would like to see them myself.

    I sent a link to these photos twice now.

    Thanks everyone for all the useful info! Will be sure to use it as necessary.

    Just getting all the info on record. A box with half the flaps cut off, NO packing material whatsoever and no room for "cushion" is NOT a proper packing job.

    And thanks Bakelite Bebe, I was 99% sure sellers could no longer claim the post office is responsible, especially in cases where shoddy packaging is the reason for the damage, not the post office.

  12. Well, she's willing to budge as far as refunding for the cost of the shade... but I still think she's being unreasonable about refunding shipping. Bah humbug.

    Neutral feedback might be apt here...

    In other news, I made your parent pic. Keep in mind I'm amateur. I will not take offense if you don't like it. I am sincerely hoping you DO like it.

  13. Sorry to hear it. You should ask the seller for her direct email address so that you can send the photos. Perhaps when she sees them she'll realize how terrible a packing job she did.

    Good luck!

  14. I dedicated my latest entry to you, mon ami...

  15. It looks pretty cut and dry to me, and you did the right thing opening a dispute.

    With the info. you've been given about items needing to arrive as described, and sellers no longer being able to claim 'not repsonsible', there's no doubt.

    Granted, the seller is willing to reimburse the price of the item, but in this instance, shipping was a serious blunder and should be taken into account. That shade should have been packed with bubble wrap (and stiffer paper or more bubble wrap in between each section - imo).

    Unless this is resolved to your satisfaction I'd leave negative feedback, and state exactly why.

  16. yes, this is entirely the sellers fault, the item was not protected in the box, and th box was missing vital parts that hold it together. Ebay will be on your side in this one, as you did not receive what you paid for, shipping and item cost. I contested this once before wiht a stubborn seller, and ebay sided with me. They will automatically take the money out of the sellers account. So, the seller can either choose to refund you everything without a problem, and not receive a negative feedback, OR ebay will take the money for you and you will probably end up leaving negative feedback. be sure you open both a paypal AND ebay dispute.

  17. also, i sell on ebay as well, and I refunded a person shipping and item cost when it was cracked in transit. It is not the buyers fault. I think of it this way, would Target charge you for shipping on a broken item that they shipped to you? nope.

  18. Thanks, Keith, I will open a paypal dispute as well as this is her latest response:

    "OK, you had entered the category of not being
    satisfied with item received. You will receive a
    full refund after merchandise is being returned at your expense. Ebay will be notified on my decision."

    I don't think I should have to pay to return something she didn't pack properly to begin with, not to mention I paid for priority shipping and got parcel. I shouldn't be out ANY money.

    We shall see what both eBay and paypal say about this.

    Wow, never had a seller be this rude.

  19. I've had 2 bad ebay experiences myself this week, so I can more than sympathise. I second what retro Keith said!

    Off-topic, but in relation to your post yesterday, Miz.Rancher, would you kindly read my new blog please? I've started with a response to your post yesterday. Thanks! its

  20. Update:

    When I went to open a paypal dispute, I see she finally refunded the total.

    Sheesh, what a pain!

    Should I give her a negative? She certainly deserved it. =(

  21. awww, this is such sad news. i'm so bummed for you. insurance is dirt cheap, why wouldn't she have gotten some? it's like a dollar for $100 or something. i always get it when shipping things out. i feel so bad for you :( keep us posted!

  22. Annnd included with the refund:

    "Seller's note:

    "Item was boxed properly, new box from Home Depot. Seller thought item would be alright within sturdy box and no additional cushion, but it was damaged during transit and also item inside, a lamp shade. Seller feels very sorry and issued a full refund requesting return of item at buyer's expense. Obviously, buyer opened box to inspect merchandise"

    Ahh, no, why should I pay to return a now damaged beyond repair item that was not packed properly?


  23. gosh bad experience or what?! And what a rude seller! Obviously I run a online shop but I do sell on ebay personally too, I treat my customers on ebay personally as I would my customers for my business, why would she not just refund?

  24. I think you should not return the item to her. She already gave you a refund. And she can't give you negative feedback! :)

    I think you should still give her negative feedback.

    my reasoning:
    #1) Poor/lack of packaging. Serious NO NO.

    #2) She wouldn't even be dealing with this if she would have purchased insurance like a responsible seller is required to do. The post office would be paying for it, not her.

    #3) Being unclear of Ebay policies shows irresponsibility.

    #4) She is being difficult with you, when it clearly is not your fault.

    My two cents

  25. You know, I can't see why sellers are so damn stubborn sometimes! Just say you are sorry, return the shipping & price of item and avoid neg. feedback. THEN, use that experience as a lesson and DON'T package something so poorly in the future, and DO buy insurance in case something happens. A-Doi! You win some you lose some ebay seller! Stop being a punk-weed! (her not you lol)

  26. What I would do is tell her the transaction is now complete, since she refunded you your entire amount (price plus shipping). Do not leave any feedback. If she continues to give you grief, then leave negative feedback stating so and don't forget to follow up. If she continues to harass you, file a complaint with eBay.

    The package was shipped improperly. She cut the edges off the box to reduce the shipping cost by reducing the weight. It is the sellers responsibility to accurate figure out the cost of shipping at the time of listing. If the cost of shipping is more than stated in the listing, that's the sellers fault, not the buyers.

    According to eBay, as someone listed above, it is the sellers responsibility to ensure the item is received in the same condition as advertised. Way too many seem to think since they did not accurately figure out the correct shipping, to "lighten" the weight, thus sending an item that can be damaged. I've had it happen many times.

    And I've either gotten a refund, a partial refund, or when filing a dispute, the seller taking the item back and getting a refund including my shipping cost to return. It's a pain and it takes some time, but generally PayPal or eBay will side with the buyer if its an honest claim.

  27. Thanks one and all, and thanks Steele.

    I paid for priority, got parcel, so that makes sense, Steele. I've bought quite a few of these lamp shades, so I know about what it costs to ship, and this was closer to me than the opposite coast, so I don't know why she shaved on the weight so much.

    The box was barely big enough to fit it.

    Honestly, I do NOT like to give negatives, I don't think I have yet (and two other sellers still deserve one).

    But in this case, I think she deserves one.

    Be a difficult seller, get the consequences. I just might still neg the other two lol... Hey, I bent over backwards for my buyers.

  28. No question, negative is what they deserve on all kinds of levels. The old adage is still relevant: the buyer is always right. Poor treatment, poor service, poor packaging == negative feedback.

  29. Ouch, ugh, I have nothing to add except that my heart breaks for you just to see the shade that way! And who puts a shade in a box with no wrapping of any kind?! Even if the box *didn't* get smooshed, it could've rained cats & dogs on it and the shade could've been equally ruined! Ugh. Goes to show that not *everyone* is cut out to be a vintage seller.

  30. i can't believe the seller things it was boxed properly. I put their name on my never buy from list. Because of their lousy packing, a piece of yesteryear is ruined. I think you said you got all your money back... great! i would tell the seller if they want their broken item back then they can pay for the return shipping

  31. I would HOPE that you would post a negative to spare others from having to deal with her!

  32. One way to prevent this in the future: before the end of the eBay auction, ask if the seller would be willing to double-box the item. You're basically saying that you'r enot willing to purchase it unless they're willing to double box. I've insisted with this for delicate things like lamp shades and it works great. You have to walk the seller through what you mean: put item into box that is at least 3"(or whatever you decide) larger than the item on all sides. Fill this box with peanuts. Take a second box, that is at least 3" (or whatever you decide) larger around the first box. FIll the space between the first and the second with peanuts, but loosely. The idea is NOT that the two boxes are the same size as each other (although this could add some stability), the idea is that if the exterior box gets crushed, the loosely packed peanuts allow for some room for the box to crush into. The interior box, if crushed also, has the extra inches to crush into.

  33. That is terrible. I have a repair tip that might help to salvage the shade. I know this sounds crazy. Remove the shade from the wire frame. Iron the shade. Place a piece of cloth or a towel over it to protect it from being burned. Replace the lacing to reattach the shade. Lacing can be purchased at most craft supply stores.

  34. Ship it back to her.... COD. ;) Do they even allow that anymore? lol I'm sorry you had a rottn experience. This woman was in the wrong. If you send something in for warranty repairs and don't pack it properly, your warranty is shot. So why would she think sending out something without any packing at all is reasonable. She sounds either greedy or a few colors short of a rainbow. Negative feedback would at least warn other buyers that she is incompetent, at best.