Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black and Orange Eames Daybed Couch

I wanted.

I resisted.

A daybed, but who cares?

But orange...

I just... couldn't... do... orange!

Sold for under $200, s/h only $130. Very reasonable.

I know, one of you will tell me: But 1950's Atomic Ranch lady, you could get different cushions for it!


But I want a black couch. An affordable, mid-century black couch. One all ready to place in my living room. Atomic particle legs preferred. Hairpin legs an acceptable second. Is that too much to ask for?

I hate to admit it, but I am still doing touch-up paint work in the living room. Today I will finish up. So I keep saying.

So when you have that project that seems to be taking forever, you can remind yourself: "At least it's not taking as long as 1950's Atomic Ranch House is taking to paint her silly living room!"

And you'd be right!

Happy Wednesday!

What good deals have you passed up on lately?


  1. Aw crap! I would have jumped on that in a second. I am sort of not caring what colors end up in my pad... if I can find a deal, well....

    But I am happy that you passed. When you do find what you want, you'll jump for joy! Patience is this game.

    I mailed your picture yesterday. Hopefully you'll receive by the weekend. It's not high art, but it is sentimental. :)

    Hugs from Chicago

  2. Whoo hoo, thanks Darlene... =D I will get it framed.

    Another friend did a sort of parody drawing of one of mine, and I keep nagging him to send it to me so I can frame that alongside my original drawing as well lol....

  3. Have you seen the Couch I put in the Den of the Casablanca? Its NEW but looks MC. I paid $200 for it at Big Lots

    Its low to the ground, but im sure you could revamp it with some new legs! I too wanted a vintage sofa... but trying to find one in a good color, that wasnt dried out or home to mice, cigarette smoke or vermin was near impossible... And I like this style because it looks very much like the 'Barcelona' sofa and chairs that were all the rage in the late 50's.

  4. I love that couch. I want that couch. Or daybed or whatever. Only problem: With plastic/vinyl, etc. there's a serious stickage to the cushions situation. I remember that ripping sound as a kid as I pulled my little legs off the kitchen chairs. Owwwwie!

  5. Thanks Mick. Checked the links out. Hmmm didn't think of Big Lots. I'll check out Target and a few other places too. I'd like to go SIT on it before I buy new, but buy new is what I will likely do.

    Here is one I like:

    But some of the reviews on similar couches are that they are made very cheap and not all that comfy. No reviews on this style yet.

    I'm with you there Christine, but my new white chairs (which I hope to have my friend pick up SOON) are also vinyl. Not my first choice. But I will be making black covers for them because I think white would simply stand out too much... Not to mention rip the 'ol backside if you sit on them in shorts!

  6. I love the orange! What a cool daybed.....

  7. Ahhh... You'll find something better, more like what you want. Have faith!!! ;)

    I was obsessing over a fully restored vintage modern couch at a shop for the longest time - at $800 the price was a tad more painful than my little piggy bank could bear.

    Anyhoos... those vinyl cushions would be murder =P

  8. That is awesome, but ouchie I hate shipping.

  9. My chocolate and blond mane would look just perfect on the orange and black...I really think so!

  10. I have passed up on lots of good deals...I just don't know what they are! I have been staying home from yard sales, estate sales, and auctions to save money. If I don't look, it won't hurt, right?

  11. I could do black and orange. But, I'd have to change ALOT! I pass things up all the time. No room, and financially challenged.Tonight I went to Salvation Army, and there was an abundance of stuff I would have grabbed up in the past, but I left there with only some pink and gold fishys, seahorse and starfish. Zootsuitmama

  12. AHHH I love that HALLOWEEN daybed. *lol*
    Although most people tend to tell me I am eccentric so I guess it all makes sense!

  13. Hahaha I have that same thing with orange... it's a dangerous color... it can be good... but ya gotta be careful! I personally tend to avoid most oranges and darker blues, but to each their own! It can actually be really good in the right setting though...

  14. I have to get my mom out of the house and show outr ORANGE couch growing up, she had orange and blue in the living room!!!!