Thursday, June 3, 2010

Besides Being A Vintage Lover and Blogger...

Tired of me posting my latest acquisitions yet? I sure am!

Turquoise lamp to go with the black and turquoise boomerang table that just arrived.

The table is awesome, and only two screws are missing from the trim edge and there is a spot on the black top which is rubbed off.

Both details undisclosed in the auction, but what are you going to do? I still love it, but it would have been nice to mention these little flaws in the auction description.

OK, so I finally arranged for a friend of a friend to go get my pink appliances this Saturday. Yea!

As it turns out, this guy (who works for my friend who does commercial construction) also does some residential construction. And knows other guys who do other types of residential construction.

Now times are hard in the construction world, so when I started to mention a whole check list of things I need to have done on my house, he was able to offer his services or those of a trusted friend/co-worker.

Soooo I may have finally found a source for all the things I need to have done!

In addition, I will be helping these guys out by giving them some work.

Not a lot, but every little bit helps.

Keeping fingers crossed over this.

NOW here is the reason for my blog title.

But FIRST (Oh come on Atomic Ranch Lady, this is already TOO much to read!!) I want to thank all of you for your insightful replies on yesterdays question. I love to know what is on your minds!

NOW, here is the question:

Besides being A Vintage Lover and Blogger...

What do you do?

Do you work? At what? Are you a Mom who plays with her kids or home schools? Do you have an undisclosed trust fund and travel the world looking for those great buys? Are you writing the Great American novel? Do you build ship models with toothpicks? Do you volunteer down at the V.A.?

Tell us what you do when you are not blogging or collecting!

P.S. I guess "vintage lover" sounds like a really old person who loves ha ha ha. But YOU know what I mean!


  1. Yes, I knew what you meant. lol!

    Well, I am lazy so-and-so who does a bit of housework, some volunteering (for a local hospice trust), some gardening, sewing, cooking and is looking for a real job. I am about to embark on the last of my classwork for my bachelor's degree in socail work, too.

  2. funny you should post this question, I was going to do the same!
    about me - my full time job is in software. I develop and troublshoot software issues for the company i work for. I also am a part time figure skating coach. two ends of the spectrum, right? I love vintage, and am in the process of converting my home over from new to old.

  3. You don't sound too lazy, Pixie!

    Keith, do the same thing on your blog!

    I love getting to know all of you and what you do and who you are about.

    You all interest me. =)

  4. I am at home with my 4 great kids during the day, and we educate them at home. I have a part-time job, evenings, cleaning a phone store. I read a lot, crochet, a little cross-stitch, some writing. We have a dog, two cats and a rabbit. We currently rent an apt. but are on the lookout and saving for a rural home (we're wannabe homesteaders). I got bit by the Midcentury Modern bug about this time last year, and I read my copies of Atomic Ranch magazine over and over and over again. Love your blog. : )

  5. Ahhh turquoise lamp is way awsome!!

    I am a Morning coffee drinker =p

  6. Isn't it tiring that people don't bother to describe their listings well, or at least photograph the issues, even if slight?

    I would think that you could touch that table up pretty easily.

    And yay about the appliances!

    As for what I do...I'm an artist (collage work, canvases, jewelry), and long time home remodeler.

    I used to make pretty good money with my art work, but this economy has everyone on a tight budget. Right now I consider myself back to being a starving artist. lol I have an interior decorating education, but that's on the back burner for now.

    I spend my days working on art, keeping up with the house, 5 acres of land, remodeling chores, and also photography, considering myself a serious amateur.

  7. Aside from being a person who enjoys seeing new life given to items from my youth, I'm also a Network Manager -- I keep the company's computers running... most times. For fun, I try to get out a couple times a week and pedal my bike around the city.

  8. Yep, I got one of those auction items with an undisclosed flaw recently, too. Frustrating. Fortunately, the flaw isn't very noticeable. I'm a musician, music teacher, and mom to an active 7-year-old!

  9. Nice to meet you, Ma'am!

    I love (underscore, italix) your table and oven. Good gravy. That is serious Mid century there. Color me GREEN with envy.

    I am a part-time retail worker and student. I collect what my wallet will occasionally allow and my home is much more 20's-60's than any one decade or era. I think it's called, "Flea Market Chic"?

    Anyhoo, I'm really opinionated, and am very active on political blogs.

    Oh, and I really really love coffee.



  10. I'm a graphic designer/production artist at a small sign shop. I do some freelance graphic design and belong to a craft club that "crafts for a cause". We make stuff, host/attend events and donate a portion of what me make to worthy causes. I love to create stuff, art/crafts and collect everything vintage. I super love blogging too! What do you do Ms. Atomic?

  11. I'm a student and probably will be for quite some time... my dream is to be a neuropsychologist, which involves doing 1 year of honours and 2 years of masters - and that's only if I survive my undergrad course with good enough marks (80% or above) to get me in! It's pretty stressful but I am -really- interested in the brain. I combine my love of vintage and the mind by buying old pseudoscience-y things like phrenology busts and textbooks as I find the history of science really fascinating as well.

  12. Yes, Ms. Diva of the Atomic Ranch... what do you do??? :)

    ...ummm, I had been a graphic artist for about 20 years, until work went south 6 years ago (Booo!:P) I'm now freelance (another starving artist) and p/t in retail. Also have been webmaster on a couple of historic railroad sites and a chatroom host on AOL.

    Really glad to hear you found some help on your home projects, they can get to be VERY overwhelming after awhile!

    I started my retrovation blog (initially just to myself) to help keep motivated.

  13. hmmm...I always feel like I am so boring that it would drag others I don't talk about myself too much on the blog.

    Let's see...I'm a teacher in my late 20's. I taught 1 year of Kindergarten (never again!) one year of Title I Math, and 2 years as Title I Reading (which will most likely be my job for the foreseeable future). I have a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Reading as a Reading Specialist. I am also the Federal Program Coordinator for my school district, which is fairly stressful! My dream is to eventually get my doctorate in Reading and teach at the university level.

    I have two dogs, Chewy, a Chow mix, and Rosco (no "e" on the end), a Yellow Lab...named after Rosco P. Coltrane from Dukes of Hazard.

    I started my bog after seeing how many people that follow Retro Renovation had their own blogs. Sometimes I love blogging, sometimes I feel like it's a ball and chain.

    Thanks for asking! I've enjoyed reading everyone's responses.

  14. PINK APPLIANCES??? I am SOOO jealous!

    I'm just a happy wife and homeschooler on the hunt for junque.

    Waaaay back when I was in my 20's I found a great kidney shaped coffee table in the TRASH behind my apt! I took it to my friend who re-did the laminate in pink and I painted the legs black. IT was gorgeous. But I had to sell it when we moved a few years ago....along with my white vinyl 2-seater scoop lounge. Waaah.

  15. Hey,

    I'm a temporary admin assistant for the USO of NC. I'm job hunting in my free time. I have a degree and criminal justice and used to be a juvenile probation officer. I don't want to do that no more!

    So, Ms. Atomic, what do you do?

  16. I've been a full time antique dealer for over 20 years, in that time having had several stores of my own, now I just buy and sell to other dealers for their shops (and even for myself sometimes!), Clay quit his full time job as a bookseller of 20+ years to do this with me, so now we get to go on more road trips. He's always writing something (he does our blog much more than I do), I try to spend my free time cooking, reading, listening to music, or hanging out with my 17 year old son.

  17. Wow you all are some very interesting people!

    Those of us who do art should post examples. I'd love to see what all of you do, who don't already show them on your blogs. I posted some of my silly stuff a while ago, but not my "serious artist" stuff lol... I'll post some if you really want to see it.

    What do I do? I work. I work all the time. Literally. Phone rings at 2:00 a.m., I am on it. On the computer 18 hours a day. Which is why I have so much eBay hunting time.

    I'm an entrepreneur. Specialized niches I created for myself. It's working because I make it work. And I work my proverbial ass off =)

    But what I really want to be is a Princess so I don't have to do anything but paint my toenails Hahaha...

    But what my goal really is, is to get my childhood home back in shape and live happily ever after. =)

  18. I just saw this post. So... here I am to tell my story. When I lived in the states, I collected vintage clothing. I love to restore and ride vespas/lambrettas, and on top of that, I make MCM styled art and furniture. I'm working on trying to start selling my art here in Chile S.A. where I now live.

  19. Ooooh that lamp!! Incredible!!!! Are these all ebay scores? I need to check ebay out more...

    And as for me... architecture student at UMD that's obsessed with vintage stuff and design and living in my own created bizarre little vintage world...

    I'm going into my 3rd year of Architecture in the fall, but a big part of me just wants to be an entrepreneur and open a vintage shop or something... I also love industrial design, which of course my school doesn't offer...

    I love-love-love road trips, history, and things that are bizarre or a little off... This year I'll be living with my mom to save money, but I dream constantly of the day when I can buy my first house and decorate my little heart out!!

    -Nick :)

  20. I'm similar to you, I run my own business, Notorious Kitsch, I've done soooo many different jobs that pay well, this doesn't (yet!!) but I'm much happier that I was working for others! I'm also similar to you in that what I do is work work work and not much else, such is the life of the self-employed!

  21. I'm an "older" (ha!) single mother of a 2 year old, who's had a wide variety of jobs-high school teacher, casino surveillance operator, childminder, plus I've had 2 retail clothing shops years ago. Currently in my second year of buying & selling vintage, focused on art deco, 50s and vintage fashion. So I'm also on the computer a LOT. My kid can already use a mouse!

  22. Oh and I'd really like to see pics of your art. You're a mystery woman!

  23. Me? A mystery? Why I'm just a simple blogger. ;)

  24. Such a cool table!

    I'm doing a Phd in art and design theory and teach at a university art school in the same department. I'm also an artist and freelance art writer. I love kitsch (and perhaps am lucky enough to be able to theorise my love of it). I collect snowdomes and other dust collectors. Last year I bought my first house - a modest 50s abode - and enjoy collecting funky 50s design to fill it.

  25. I've got to encourage all of you who have mid-century homes to show off, to show them off!

    I love seeing the way each person decorates (or not) each one.

  26. How great you have some people to help get things done!

    Well, you've been to my crafty blog before so you're pretty much up to date with the "other me". lol I love to create things and spend time with my husband and Toot. I wish I could travel more...I love to travel! :D

  27. Don't feel bad Maggi. I haven't been on a vacation since... Well, longer than any of you lol.

    Do college field trips count as "travel"? =O

  28. Well, since you asked: I am a stay-at-home astrophysicist schooled in ancient Sanskrit at the knee of the Dalai Lama. My husband is a career criminal who intends to take over the world once he gets the last Harley in his workshop running (so don't worry about that taking over the world thing). I own two dragons, only one who spews flames but the other one speaks French and Spanish so I didn't have to toss him out with the trash and I can assure you he was quite relieved about THAT. My cat is actually a reincarnated Salem-era witch who walks with a limp (one of those stayed-in-the-stocks-too-long injuries common at the time). And of course you already know about my father, the famous pirate PegLeg Georgie.

    Uh, oh, here they come AGAIN with that damn jacket with all those straps. I HATE that...