Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All Mine

OK, which one of you put that extra bid on these? lol...

Well, I won't consider them mine until they are sitting here.

If anyone is interested in the four bar stools let me know. I want the two chairs. I have virtually no place for the bar stools.

I'd be happy to sell them to a fellow blogger first. If not, I will list them on eBay or decide to keep them in the Studio (If I can ever get rid of the ugly couch in there, I could use one or two for my vintage drafting table).

AND, if you are in the "PENNA" area (I assume that means Pennsylvania), and you want a 1950's pink kitchen appliance suite similar to what I just bought in excellent condition, check out this auction:

Find the link HERE.

Currently $299, NO bids, two days to go!

I do NOT get anything for mentioning this, but it's rare to see these come up for auction so affordable and in such great condition!

I love how all of these things fit under the counter! Fridge, too!