Saturday, June 19, 2010

1950's Pink Blue Kitchen & Marx Space Patrol Set

All of this can be yours!

Only $1,500, and pick up in Pennsylvania. HERE.

And now I present the "wow" item, for all my fellow vintage space toy lovers, feast your eyes on THIS:

I love this toy set!

All the toys...

All the details...

All the super cool space stuff!

Looks to be in excellent condition. Current bid is $504 with 4 days to go, which I personally think is not too bad, unlike the twice-expensive vintage Halloween sticker post I lamented about.

Find the Marx Space Station toy set auction HERE.

Because I had two older brothers, I tended to play with some of the cool stuff they had. I wasn't a "Barbie girl", I liked horses and Matchbox cars and throwing the plastic parachute-clad green army men my brothers played with off the roof of this very 1950's Atomic Ranch House. Yes I did a lot of "girly girl" stuff, I wasn't a tough tomboy, but I still appreciate the "boys toys" of the past!

I had a doll house and for a very short while, one brother played with the "miniatures", but it was mostly me playing with my brothers toys. They never used my Easy Bake Oven or anything "sissy" like that, but weren't against trying to run my Breyer horses over with their Tonka cars. Ha ha.

Admit it: Did you play with both boys and girls toys, or were you a purist?

What toys did you enjoy the most as a kid?

Happy Saturday!


  1. My friend Steffie used to come over to play Barbies and one time we put Ken on top of Barbie and twisted him around a little and then we felt kinda guilty about doing that and never did it again! I had a ton of Breyer horses, too, but after we got two real live horses we spent most of our play time with them. I also used to make ranches with horses and cowgirls out of cardboard. And of course I dearly loved my Schwin bike!

  2. Wow that kitchen!! Now why would anyone want to get rid of that?? Idiots!


  3. Christine I begged Mom for a horse from the time I was 5 until I finally got my pony at age 13. So all I had was my imagination and volunteer work at the large animal shelter (they took in animals both big and small) where I rode horses, mules and donkeys. It was fun!

    Mary it makes me shake my head to imagine someone wanting to sell such a wonderful kitchen!

  4. Uh, what the deuce on that kitchen. Geezus. Cry me a river. Why is everything dope in PA?

    As for the toys, oh yes! I had as many boys toys as I did girls... When you play barbies, you just hold the doll in your hand and bounce her around when she talks. Then you pretend she's doing something cool - fold her in half and sit her in her mobile. No thanks. BORING snoozer.

    Hugs and love...

  5. The bids on that playset are going to be a lot higher. It's a shame it isn't complete though, there should be a large litho-ed building with a tower. This is where all your mission briefings before going after the space marauders were s'posed to be held!

  6. What an adorable kitchen! Gosh, how I love that "water tower" blue color.

  7. Well, I think one could find the tower on eBay with a little patience, Space Commander. I sure do like this toy set, tho. =D

    The blue looks great with the pink, Leah. =)

  8. OMG! If I had the money, I'd jump on it! It's not that far from MA to PA. I actually yelled out loud when I saw this. (The male downstairs said "What?!")

  9. That kitchen = Priceless.

    The seller's loss (in good taste, good sense, etc...) is going to be someone else's gain. At least that kitchen will go to a home where it'll be appreciated instead of in the dumpster *shudder*

    I almost missed your question, Atomic Ranch Lady :) My answer is... wow, it's hard to say! There were my space toys, my robots, hand-me-down G.I. Joes, and Hot Wheels. But I also made a lot of my own toys since we couldn't afford too much. But I'd probably have to say that my Schwinn Stingray was my most cherished and beloved possesion (like Christine!).

  10. One time Mom went to a brick and stone works, and bought a bag of sand.

    She brought it home and we dumped it into a wheelbarrow. Add water from the hose and we built castles, moats and all kinds of flooded roads.

    Yeah, I made up a lot of my own games and fun too. =)

    Of course, it was my evil brother who got the Schwinn! grrr

  11. I thought, "God, I want that kitchen!" Then I realized it is the exact color as my pink kitchen. I have a pink oven, but I want an aqua fridge so bad it hurts! That is beautiful.

  12. I admit it. I liked Barbie. But I liked Midge better, she seemed......friendlier.

  13. i loved my little ponies and pray to god that my mom didn't throw mine away and they are still safely in the attic

  14. I want my kitchen to work already lol...

    Perry I did have Dawn dolls. =) Much nicer than Barbie.

    melina you can buy tons of toys from the 70's-90's on eBay for cheep, cheep, cheep, just in case!

  15. That kitchen is so perfect, I thought it was fake! Or a toy kitchen (I saw the word toy!) Whoa. And any space stuff from that era is intriguing. I had two boy cousins that were like my brothers, so yeah, I played with the boys stuff, too. But this mean kid scared me with his robots, and I had a brief robo-phobia! Zootsuitmama

  16. Ha ha I remember my brothers and I putting together models of Godzilla and Dracula and a Witch. Somehow I got a battery operated Dinosaur, still have it.

    Not sure if my brothers ever got much robot stuff...

  17. We played with anything and everything that could possibly come from a yard sale. Not many of our toys were new to us, which was fine by me, we got some of the cooler oldies! When I was younger my favorite toys were smurfs (easily found at yard sales for 25cents or less) and Steiff stuffed animals from the 40's Believe it or not, as a youngster, I was finding and collecting them from yard sales!

  18. Wow very cool, Amber!

    I found a little Gussy Steiff for a quarter at a yard sale as a kid, but it was simply a cute cat doll to me. =)

  19. I lOVE the toy set! It's pieces like this that inspire my love for vintage and my own creations. You seem to find the most amazing things.