Saturday, June 19, 2010

1950's Pink Blue Kitchen & Marx Space Patrol Set

All of this can be yours!

Only $1,500, and pick up in Pennsylvania. HERE.

And now I present the "wow" item, for all my fellow vintage space toy lovers, feast your eyes on THIS:

I love this toy set!

All the toys...

All the details...

All the super cool space stuff!

Looks to be in excellent condition. Current bid is $504 with 4 days to go, which I personally think is not too bad, unlike the twice-expensive vintage Halloween sticker post I lamented about.

Find the Marx Space Station toy set auction HERE.

Because I had two older brothers, I tended to play with some of the cool stuff they had. I wasn't a "Barbie girl", I liked horses and Matchbox cars and throwing the plastic parachute-clad green army men my brothers played with off the roof of this very 1950's Atomic Ranch House. Yes I did a lot of "girly girl" stuff, I wasn't a tough tomboy, but I still appreciate the "boys toys" of the past!

I had a doll house and for a very short while, one brother played with the "miniatures", but it was mostly me playing with my brothers toys. They never used my Easy Bake Oven or anything "sissy" like that, but weren't against trying to run my Breyer horses over with their Tonka cars. Ha ha.

Admit it: Did you play with both boys and girls toys, or were you a purist?

What toys did you enjoy the most as a kid?

Happy Saturday!