Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1950's Bloggers Home/Room Tours - Share Yours!

OK, I know this is asking a lot... To ask those of you who have rooms and homes to show off, to show them off!

Darlene, over at Vintage Notions and Whatnot, was kind enough to give us a tour of her amazing place. Check it out HERE, and go join her newish blog. Show our support!

She's real, outspoken, and tells it like it is. An excellent addition to our vintage and mid-century group of friends!

We've seen teasers from Atomic Living, zootsuitmama, Mick over at Everyone Goes to Micks, Mint Chocolate Ranch, Uncle Atom, I Heart Everything and I *think* I included everyone who has shown us some or all of their fab places. (All their blogs can be found in my blogroll).

Post the links or tours up here, OR on your own blogs if you wish. But PLEASE share what your home looks like so we can gain inspiration! Especially those of us who are a long way off from showing ours off!

IF I did not include a mention of your blog, don't be shy! Speak right up and say "Hey 1950's Atomic Ranch Lady! You forgot me!"

I really REALLY want to see what the rest of you are doing inside your homes!!

Thank you, thank you.

I used too many exclamation points today, didn't I? lol...