Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pink Atomic 1950's Lamp - One Thing Went Right!

Well, one thing went right. The pink and white two tiered shade arrived, undamaged, and looks like it was made for the lamp I intended it for.

Anyone else have trouble getting these lampshades to "sit" evenly? They all seem to tilt a bit. The ones that clip on the bulb are easy enough to adjust, but the one's that fit on a lamp harp and use a finial seem to need little folds of paper, just the right thickness jammed between the finial and the shade hole to keep them from tilting one way or another.

On another note, Chris, my 1950's Atomic Ranch House cat seems to love that damaged box the crushed shade arrived in. The one I almost threw out, but grabbed just before the trash truck came along, when I got that not so nice note about a return demand.

One more round of advice from all of you:

I posted about this on the eBay Packing and Shipping board.

The consensus is this:

Once I opened a "case" with eBay, and she refunded, and the case was closed, she has no recourse to do anything about demanding the return of the crushed shade.

Also, I can ignore her.

I thought about offering to return it, IF she sends me the cost first, but then I realized:

The post office probably would not accept a damaged box, even if it's a return.

So I'd have to go find another box, which would likely weigh more, and be out time and money for additional weight (even if she did send me money to return the shade).

Your thoughts?


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Disneyland Anaheim CA 1955 - Before Opening Day

Yes indeed, at least this is what Mom always told us kids. That she and Dad took a drive out to Anaheim when they first moved here to California in 1955.

The park was not open yet, so Dad snapped a few photos from the parking lot. The dirt parking lot.

Above we see the now famous entrance into the park, in the process of being built.

Mickeys castle, at the entrance, right? Where the train comes along.

And some very space age looking building. What is that? Does anyone know? I've been to Disneyland many times and I'm not sure what it is.

And viva Las Vegas, baby! Classic Vegas, same year, 1955.

Just remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. ;)

How many of you have been to Disneyland?

Best Disneyland memories?

Been to Las Vegas?

And did you remember going to Vegas? lol...

Soda We Used To Drink As Kids - Simba Soda Pop

OK, so over at my buddy Space Commanders Atomic Living blog, he did a post about soda, after I did my post about soda bottle caps, after he did a post about cigar box treasures, and I showed my cigar boxes with my soda cap collection on top of my basket full of cigar boxes.

Confused yet?

At any rate, this got me to thinking about the brands I remember as a kid. Dr Pepper was a favorite. I'm even old enough to remember when A&W Root Beer had a drive up restaurant and the waitresses rode around on roller skates and took your order from your parked car window, and the food was brought over on trays that hooked to the side of the open window of your car. Yes, I am that old!

And this is one of the sodas I used to drink as a kid. I don't think I was a "little" kid, because these came out after a show they did called "Kimba the Lion", and yes, I do believe Disney grabbed their idea from this original show, that used to air about the same time the old Speed Racer cartoons aired. And so this was more of a older kid drink for me. I think lol...

So Space Commander posted a photo of his favorite kid drink, and I went looking on eBay for mine. My usual old fashioned soda shop, Galcos Sodas doesn't carry these... Looks like they no longer make them. Too bad!

But I can buy an empty bottle on eBay. Hmmm, $16 total for a soda pop bottle? Not sure about that.

But, since I was too lazy to take photos of the very early Disneyland Anaheim photos my folks took of the park right before it opened, I decided to be lazy and grab photos from eBay instead and do this post first lol...

OK my friends, what kinds of soda, soda pop, or pop, or coke did you drink as a kid? And do you remember when they all came in glass bottles and you had to open them with a bottle opener like me? =D

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vintage Soda Pop Bottle Cap Collection

I wanted to move on from my earlier post, to something more charming. Crushed lampshades and difficult sellers are two things I don't want to dwell on.

A couple of you asked about my vintage soda pop bottle cap collection from my previous post on cigar boxes.

So here it is in all it's technicolor glory lol...

Well, for those of you who are not old and decrepit like me, soda used to be sold in glass bottles. You used a bottle opener to open them. Nothing twisted off on these babies!

The caps had a cork lining underneath to help hold the metal against the glass top. And they were often colorful little works of art!

My favorite are the Ritz brand.

These are now used in Altered Artworks as my more artistic friends know.

Back in the day, we made little figures out of these by stringing them together front to back, running a wire through the layers, making arms and legs much like you might have also seen done with buttons.

Tramp art or folk art is what they call it now. Back then, we called it fun! (This is not mine, I stole it off the internet lol).

Do you collect any sort of soda related items?

Remember That Damaged Lamp Shade? Now The Seller wayoutvintage Says:

I made a full refund for the damaged shade getting
a negative feedback in return.
I had requested to have the shade returned to me
and it was never received. Ebay suggested to
initiate a report against you for abuse of the
feedback and return policy which I'm planning to
do if don't receive a satisfactory answer from

First of all. It was not "feedback abuse" lol!!

It was feedback honesty I gave her.

Second, why should I be out the return shipping of about $20 for HER mistake?

Advice? =)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Treasures Are In Your Cigar Boxes?

Thanks to inspiration from our darling Mz Pixie and a while ago from Mr Space Commander, who I think got the idea from someone else, I thought I'd ask you all:

What's in your old cigar boxes?

Above is a vintage picnic basket, full of my old cigar boxes. Of course my vintage soda pop bottle cap collection is just to the left in the vintage red Pyrex fridge glass thingie...

The painted box on top has: old office supplies. Love the little containers.

And the boxes inside the picnic basket.

Some of the old pens and such Dad used to bring home from his top secret Government job. It really was Top Secret, I never saw his office the decades he was there. Oops ignore the modern Bic pens lol...

Vintage greeting cards.

Overflow of vintage lace and such.

Dad used to deal in coins for a while there when I was a kid. Oh and the $2 bills I added to his collection.

For you Disneyland Anaheim CA lovers, two photos my folks took of Disneyland just before it opened, from the parking lot.

More of those super secret Government pens Dad used to bring home, and a couple old ties.

This one is special, because it has a lot of personal treasures, much like Mr Space Commander shared. I collected these together after I was a kid, so it wasn't my "kid box", but it has an awful lot of personal meaning to me.

And some of my vintage art supplies... Ok I cheated, that's not a cigar box lol...

Which also hold more vintage art supplies.

Now, share with us, what is in YOUR cigar boxes! Either a short note here, or better yet, a post with photos on your own blog, if you wish.

Share your treasures!

Where Is Our Mz Chickens?

Where did Mz Chickens go?

Buying more chickens?

Investing in a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise?

Braiding chicken feathers in her hair?

Secretly coveting geese instead of chickens these days?

I hope all is well with her?

Calling Mz Chickens, check in with us!

Put your guess as to what she is doing here!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Denouement. (pronounced /deɪˈnuːmɑ̃/)

For my friends not familiar with literary terms, the denouement comes after the climax of a story. You know, it's the "after glow" part.

OK, the conclusion.

And here is mine.

If the floor looks bizarre, it's because I darkened it. Yes, it's that bad. No, I will not show it on the internet until I get it redone.

Simon, my Aussie picker-upper of large items, said when he saw it was in Gardena, he wanted the extra $50 also because he thought:

"That's where all the black people live".

Nice, eh?

Uhh Simon, I think what you meant is, you thought I was sending you to some crime infested crack house area. This could be populated by any race.


But, here they are, in my living room.

Clearly I can't take a good photo, and I didn't dress it up any, but thus concludes the tale of the White Atomic Chairs.

Please pretend I didn't just throw that piece of atomic cloth over another pillow.


Oh and I told Simon, I'd get back to him on hiring him to do my electrical work.

When cows fly lol...

P.S. Best friend, business partner of Simon, just laughed when I told him Simon asked for an additional $50.

Friend said: "You could have said 'no'".

Oh sure, Simon had me by the short hairs here. What was I gonna do, refuse and have him refuse to go get them?

I just wanted to let him know how his "partner" handled this business situation with me, his looooong time friend.

Thanks everyone for allowing me to vent this whole deal. You don't have to reply, I'm just letting the last bit of the drama fade away.......

White Atomic Chairs Update #342


She finally called this morning. Good thing I get up early, or she would have been treated to my old lady morning voice lol...

She had been "texting messages to my phone".

I told her, I am old, I don't text and neither does my phone.

Ha ha. Kids today.

At any rate, Simon, my personal Australian picker-upper of large and crazy eBay purchases, is on his way to Gardena CA to pick these up.

Oh but he wanted to finish watching a movie first. Is that some kind of code for something? Because if I needed money, I'd be out the door lol... Just sayin'

She said they are dusty again, should she wipe them down?

I said I didn't care.

I just want this latest drama to end.

I didn't tell her that last part, I was thinking it.

Thank you very much.

Let this be a cautionary tale.

You'd better really, really want something badly if you try to buy large items from eBay!


Simon just called and asked for an additional $50 for picking these up.

I'm already paying him a generous $200. I paid him $500 to get the appliances.

Ahhhhh well, I guess when I think about who I want to do some electrical work, I sure won't be calling on him, now will I?

Why are people penny wise and pound foolish is beyond me.

I would have hired him to change all the plugs and light switches in my whole house.

But I guess he doesn't need the work that bad.

Oh well.

The drama continues...

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 25, 2010

White Atomic Chairs Update #296

How many times have I posted about this now? Six? Twenty? One hundred and fifty two?

The seller finally responded to my last round of emails 9 days later.

I sent her my phone number each time, so we could arrange the pick up and you know, maybe she could give me her address?

So how does she respond?

With her phone number.

OK, so I call her yesterday.

Answering machine message.

I ask her to please call so we can arrange details for Saturday.

That's tomorrow.

No word yet.

Please thump me in the head next time I try to buy a "pick up only" eBay item?

I think I'm going to go check some local furniture stores for a couch. I can't stand all the eBay seller drama!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feel Free To Buy Me This: Astatic 600S Rocket Ship Microphone

Ohhhh baby...

(click on images for a larger, in your face look)...

What a beauty!

I simply want to set it on my desk and gaze at it... I might even pray to it. It's that lovely.

What a work of art!

Snag it (for me lol) HERE.

Rounding Out A Collection - The Details

This Eames wall shelf shadow box decoration thing (is there a name for it?) is cool, but at $75 Buy It Now and $26 s/h, I'll pass.

If you want it, grab it HERE.

I don't like to spend a lot of money on my mid-century items. I think that's half the fun of buying: getting a good deal.

Oh sure, some things we have to pay extra for. The perfect couch, just the right chairs. But a whole lot of other things we can find for cheap.

My space room/office is one room I just don't want to pay a lot of money to decorate. I'd love to, but my budget is limited. And if I am going to splurge, that's what the living room and master bedroom are for. In my opinion.

But there are a lot of details you can buy very inexpensively to fill a room and it's style or theme. And that's what I do. Buy inexpensive things to round out a "look".

Like these 1950's and early 1960's Life magazines about the Space Race.

And this cool space theme covered booklet of tattoos. Awesome!

OK, so a mouse nibbled on the lower left corner, but for $0.99, how can you resist these super cool 1950's graphics?

And this vintage brass airplane mobile.

OK, OK, so it's advertised as a "wind chine". But hang it inside a room and it becomes a "mobile". Mobile sounds more masculine than "wind chime" lol...

What sorts of smaller, more affordable items to you need to buy to fill out your collection?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thank You Darlene!

Wow! I love this!

A huge thank you to Darlene over at The Thinking Womans Stoop aka Vintage Notions and Whatnot for her amazing drawing of my parents. You can see the original photo at the right of my blog.

She did an amazing job! Such talent!

Go check out her blog, follow and converse! She posts great vintage goodies, but what's also very cool is she encourages discussions.

For those of you who appreciate exploring ideas and conversations and such, (which I do), go check it out!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh The Drama!

Have not heard from my chair seller in a week. =( I intended to have them picked up this weekend for sure, emailed twice. So far, no response.

Drama, drama.

This arrived:

But it's a little thing! I didn't realize it was so small!

Some days it seems our lives are filled with drama. I think part of the charm of a vintage lifestyle is the idea of less drama.

When I experience drama, I sit back, play good music, and take a deep breath. I pick up a vintage magazine, admire all the wonderful vintage things I have already, or pop in a beloved old movie.

Most of our daily drama is the small stuff. Things usually work out anyways, don't they?

We can't stop occasional drama from happening, but what we CAN do is choose how we respond to it. Or choose not to respond at all.

Mom survived the Great Depression. My best friends parents survived the Holocaust. All I have to do when I feel life is being unfair is to remember:

If they survived, I can too!

My best friend, who has been a chat board moderator for years once asked his Mom while we were on a 3-way call with her:

Mom, which would you rather experience? Someone being rude to you on a chat board, or the Warsaw Ghetto?

She laughed and replied: Rude people, of course!

It's all in the perspective.

So the next time you experience drama, or rude people, take a deep breath, it will likely work out, or understand it's all about them, not you, and choose not to be caught up in it!

This life lesson brought to you by 1950's Atomic Ranch House.

I hope you all have a drama-free day!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Atomic Retro Lampshade

I bid, but I did not win. My hunch is, it's a brand new reproduction, and I lean towards true vintage, so I didn't bid super high.

But it sure is super cool! I hope one of my retro friends won it!

How is everybody this fine Monday evening?

I hope all is well!

Dont forget to enter the: Awesome giveaway at If I Didn't Have A sense of Humor HERE.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Dad

Happy Father's Day to my late Dad, gone 11 years now.

WWll vet.

His college photo.

Miss you Dad.

I hope all the Dads out there are having a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

1950's Pink Blue Kitchen & Marx Space Patrol Set

All of this can be yours!

Only $1,500, and pick up in Pennsylvania. HERE.

And now I present the "wow" item, for all my fellow vintage space toy lovers, feast your eyes on THIS:

I love this toy set!

All the toys...

All the details...

All the super cool space stuff!

Looks to be in excellent condition. Current bid is $504 with 4 days to go, which I personally think is not too bad, unlike the twice-expensive vintage Halloween sticker post I lamented about.

Find the Marx Space Station toy set auction HERE.

Because I had two older brothers, I tended to play with some of the cool stuff they had. I wasn't a "Barbie girl", I liked horses and Matchbox cars and throwing the plastic parachute-clad green army men my brothers played with off the roof of this very 1950's Atomic Ranch House. Yes I did a lot of "girly girl" stuff, I wasn't a tough tomboy, but I still appreciate the "boys toys" of the past!

I had a doll house and for a very short while, one brother played with the "miniatures", but it was mostly me playing with my brothers toys. They never used my Easy Bake Oven or anything "sissy" like that, but weren't against trying to run my Breyer horses over with their Tonka cars. Ha ha.

Admit it: Did you play with both boys and girls toys, or were you a purist?

What toys did you enjoy the most as a kid?

Happy Saturday!