Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vintage Dennison's Halloween Stickers - Placecards

I've always loved Halloween. It doesn't matter that it's almost June.

Seeing these adorable whimsical Dennison stickers in their little boxes, and the places cards for that vintage Halloween party makes me smile.

But will someone please tell me: WHY are vintage Halloween things SO expensive?

This is why, as much as I'd love to, I do not collect vintage Halloween stuff.

Because even though people keep saying how bad the economy is, there are always people out there with money.

Case in point: This lot of vintage Halloween items.

Now, take a guess at how much this sold for on eBay.

Go on, guess.

Have a figure in your mind yet?

What is it?




No, wrong.

This set of small items sold for:

Hang on to your wallets ladies and gents...


Yes, that's right, one thousand, one hundred dollars.

I ask you, who in the hell are these people that pay a thousand dollars for stickers? Charming, adorable, cute, but stickers?

Now, don't you feel better about not spending crazy money like this person did?


Makes all of our $5, $20 and even $100 purchases seem downright SANE lol...

Do you think they might be criminally insane? Tee hee...


  1. more money that good sense, as my Daddy would have said.

    I love Dennison stickers and used to buy them from M E Moses when I was a kid. A set for every holiday. Wish I still had them!

  2. OH FOR GOD'S SAKE! Even I, the woman who buys nearly everything, would never in a million pay that much for freakin' stickers. I am soooooo glad you found someone much more deranged than we are!!!

  3. Used to get the Dennison stickers myself, pixie. I still love them!

    See Christine? There will always be someone we can point to and say: "Hey, at least I'm not THAT bad!"

  4. Actually... I see nothing wrong with paying that much. If they've got the money, if they love the items, why not? One thing I've learned as a collector is that one man's pile of garbage is another man's treasure trove.

    If you've got the money to cover your expenses and you don't feel like taking a vacation and you've put money away for savings and you've still got $1,100 lying around and you absolutely love collecting Hallowe'en memorabilia... why not spend it? Is that any weirder than paying $1,000 for a vintage toy (ahem... cough cough cough) or even $100 for a really beautiful lamp? A toy's just a toy to some people, a lamp is just a lamp.

    Or $1,000 for a stereo system or TV? Or a cruise? Or a necklace? Or many small things? Given the situation outlined above, what's a better use of the money, a more rational use for the person who really loves Hallowe'en memorabilia?

    Hobbies are deeply personal endeavors, and I try never to judge what people pay for the things they love, whether they're toys or bottle caps or rare and exotic strains of dirt. I might not want to own those things myself, and something might not be worth that much money to me, but then again, most people wouldn't pay for toys what I pay for toys...

    Steppin' off my soapbox now! :)

  5. Er... Broke my rule about pontificating in other people's blogs. Sorry about that! Please consider it merely fuel for a discussion...

  6. One thing I've learned as both a collector and as a dealer, the price/value ratio is totally relative to the person in question. I think $1100 is an insane price for stickers too, but if there is someone who WANTS them and has the money to splurge and buy them for that price, why not? It's no worse than spending the money on anything else that makes you happy.

  7. I'd much rather see someone invest in something like this than to flush it down the toilet at the casino. My Mom won't buy a bag of "Yukon Gold" potatoes because they are "too high". She's 84-for God's sake woman, buy the potatoes! But she will dropp $ at the they say, all relative. But I know Halloween is very scarce, especially in good shape. I love it, but couldn't justify spending the money on my budget. Zootsuitmama

  8. here's my theory, and it's twofold:
    1. vintage stickers/paper goods, especially if they are oriented towards children/adolescents tend to get used. and not gently either. to find them intact probably upped the value of this set
    2. why halloween stuff: I think that much of the prescribed literature/massed produced items from that era tended to be about moral uplift etc. but on halloween, it was okay to entertain the darker elements of culture and humanity, even for such an overtly repressive normative society. here we see bats, witches, black cats and elements of "black magic". it reminds us that people back then did indulge in naughtiness? Perhaps this also explains the current popularity of vintage sci-fi and horror stuff as well?
    Sorry if I sound like a pseudo-intellectual douche here, I'm just musing. I would never pay that much for stickers unless I was insanely rich and already doing a lot to help the community (otherwise I'd be plagued by guilt I'll admit it). Not because I am super noble or anything, just because I would rather spend it on education, hand made art, vehicle repair or even just for 1000 dollars worth of thrifted dresses or flourless chocolate cookies.

  9. Ah, fuck....I LOVELOVELOVE Halloween and -- like you -- vintage "stuff' for it, but have -- like you -- resorted to repros because people have gotten insane about costs... that's friggen' to read more...

  10. Incredible!! Like Wonder Wye.. I too am happy with repro stuff on many occasions!

  11. Wow, thanks for the different perspectives.

    I didn't mean to come off as quite so judgmental, but I guess it reads that way.

    I was honestly astonished at the ending bid. I know how much Halloween stuff sells for, I've seen vintage Halloween lots sell for high prices, but nothing like this.

    Part of it is the fact I used to ADORE Halloween as a kid. It was my most favorite and special day. There was something magical about it. It still is magic to me.

    And I would dearly love to have a collection of it, but the prices are almost always far more than *I* am willing to pay.

    Besides, I have several boxes of modern Halloween stuff that I also love, and can't justify adding to it when it's a once a year display thing for me.

    Even if I didn't have thousands yet to pay for the repairs on my wonderful Atomic Ranch House, I still could not justify that kind of expenditure.

    Just my opinion. =)

  12. Wow that IS a lot of money! But as the people above say if you have it eh?

    It occurred to me - as a business person - that someone might be buying for design reasons & reproduction? In that way I'd pay that kind of price as long as they use them & don't damage them, just another thought!!

  13. It's possible, STM.

    But I've seen these Dennison Halloween stickers sell for $20-$30 a box, so I still don't understand the high price of these. Perhaps it's the other items that are rare, but still. After much thought, I still think it's outrageous.

    Just my opinion!

  14. Is the price too high for what it's worth? If it is, then I have to agree with you -- outrageous! :)

    Despite what I wrote, I definitely don't believe one should overpay by too much for anything one collects. (I say "too much" because there are times when I just have to have a particular example of something and the only way to make it happen is to pay just a little too much for it... but that's another discussion entirely.) If these things generally go for significantly less than $1100, then yeah, it's astounding that someone would pay so much more for them.

    You have every right to feel like your flabber has been ghasted. :)

    Maybe it's someone new to the hobby and they haven't gotten a grip on prices yet. Maybe it's someone who has so much money that they just don't care... Though in an auction, it takes two to tango and someone else had to be there driving up the price. So two people with too much money and not enough knowledge? Lucky seller!

    Or... a shill bidder? Nothing makes me think this, but it's always a possibility.

    Wacky things happen all the time in collecting... I just try to be on the safe side of the wackiness when it goes down!

  15. Excellent points, Doc. And as I said before, I always appreciate opposing view points and different perspectives. I strive to keep an open mind.

    I have entered a final bid amount that I thought was "too high" because I really wanted a certain item (case in point, my Alexander Calder inspired tablecloth). The auction ended at exactly my highest bid.

    It made me gasp just a bit, but I'm happy to own it. But I also know the value of this item. And what I paid was within "reason".

    I think I might be a tad jealous that folks out there have not only more money than I have to spend on something like this, but LESS GUILT! (An assumption on my part, maybe they are gasping right now too! lol).

    As I mentioned on your blog, I think those who collect something specific are more inclined to spend more to get those rare items. =)

  16. Actually, after pondering this yet more, I don't have a good idea why I am so shocked. Other than I am shocked! =)

  17. I CHOKED at the price! You need to find some for a dime and get rich on ebay!

  18. Hahahahaha! Thank you for saying what I think ALL THE TIME. Geezus, a sucker is born every day. Yah, I'm an opinionated arse-hole, but whatev.

    I love this post. Thank you for sharing it. :)