Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vintage Christine is Having a Giveaway! Happy 100!

Whoo hoo! My good friend over at I'm Not Old I'm Vintage is having another awesome giveaway to celebrate 100 followers!

Scoot over there, join her blog if you haven't already, and enter to win one of these adorable Shawnee planters and some other fine vintage goodies.

We love you, Christine!

NO word from the seller of the 1950's pink appliances yet, but I think I found out where he works, based on his name hee hee. I may have to call this person to see if they are one and the same. I am soooo anxious about this! I can't believe I will have the appliances I dreamed of for my house!!

Can you tell I am nervous as heck about this? lol...

Good things have not come my way in a long time so keep your fingers crossed for me about this (No, you don't want to hear about all the bad things lol).


He contacted me and the deal is going through!!!

Oh my gosh! So far so good. I will talk to him soon.

And THANK YOU!! I have 300 followers! If and when I get this appliance deal worked out, I will have a giveaway too!!


  1. Hey, what do you mean good things haven't come your way in a long time?! You keep showing us all the awesome stuff you get PLUS you have tons of people who read and love your blog PLUS you "met" me and Miz Chicken and Madam (wherever in the hell she's been lately) and Babs and Mick and and and. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the seller isn't being a jerk and that you actually get that kitchen. PS--thank you so much for mentioning my giveaway. You're a sweetie!

  2. Awww (((Christine))) you are right. I do strive to focus on all the good things in my life, just mentioning the bad in hopes the powers that be hear me (whoever they are lol) and make this deal go through.

    To bring my childhood home back to her former glory has been a dream of mine for a loooong time. There's a whole very sad story behind it and why it's not in great shape now, but I don't like to bore people with my past troubles...

    I adore you and all my friends here in blog land. You help keep me sane.

  3. Best Wishes on Ebay appliances.

  4. Hey, when you get that kitchen set, you will have to bake us all some treats! COngrats on the followers & the Pink Majesty!

  5. Ha! Thanks RADTRO and Amber.

    I would love to bake treats for all my friends!

  6. I'm so glad the seller got back to you, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

    So when can I come over for coffee in your new pink kitchen? ;)

  7. Ahhh that's sweet! A sweet idea, Maggi. =)

    Now where did I put my pink Melmac coffee cups?

  8. Woo hoo on the pink! You won't be sorry! I love Christine, too!

  9. The seller of the pink appliances says "hello" and yes the deal is going through (just talked on the phone) wife and I love the Mid Century style too (but can't claim to be purists) and are very glad that these vintage appliances will be going to a good home! Can't say that I wish we didn't sell them for more but hey, that's what makes it exciting on the buying side so.....firm believer that good comes back around. Best of luck with the restoration!

  10. Wow hiya, glad you stopped by!

    I told you, you were a hero on my blog!

    Thank you sooooo much!! What a pleasure speaking to you!!

  11. Just because we're insane bloggers--we love Mr. Anonymous because he's making Miz Atomic Ranch happy. And yes, we DO actually have lives in answer to any unspoken questions from anyone . . .

  12. i have a poodle planter to keep the cat company!

  13. I have pink appliance envy.