Thursday, May 27, 2010

That Darn Eames Blue Vase

I know, I know! Such a small thing to complain about! But while this arrived in fast time and in great condition, I bought it because it looks like it has a matt or dull finish on it. Turns out it's got a hard shine finish to it.

Do you see shine? Nope, looks dull. I should have asked. MY fault!

I will simply have to sign up at my local J.C. and take a pottery class and make my own, or go out to the thrifts and buy them. Heck, they can be fired yesterday and I don't care, as long as they have that dull, sandy, gritty lava or whatever finish that mid-century pottery has.

I am trying my best to get all of your vintage retro super cool blogs in my blogroll, so do NOT hesitate to mention it IF I don't have yours on there already!

And still anxious about getting my boomerang table. Fingers crossed it arrives undamaged.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday.

Any plans for Memorial Day? Share them with us!
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  1. And here I thought I knew pottery. Seems that I don't know about THIS kind of pottery, though. Gee-damn it girlfriend, now here's something ELSE I have to collect. Will it never end? And yes, it looks totally matte in the photo. There's an estate auction I want to go to on Saturday but other than that we have no plans other than to be depressed because we just found out we have to wait ANOTHER TWO WEEKS for the Florida closing. At this point, we're just numb. You doing anything fun???

  2. This weekend I'll be able to re-enter my house! We had an unexpected repair that needed to be done. I live in an upstairs apartment and I thought that my just a few of my steps needed to be replaced, the wood was rotten. When the handy man came out to check on it, he discovered extensive termite damage. They had to be torn down entirely!! Today is hopefully the last day of putting up the new ones and I will once again be able to live in my own house! Not too exciting for a 3 day weekend, but a relief for sure!

  3. Why did I started to collect this stuff? Because I didn't think anyone else would be collecting these little old vases ha ha. Mom had some when I was a kid. Always thought they were kind of ugly. BUT they are mid-century.

    Of course others wackos like me collect them, so they don't sell for cheap like I want them to! *groan*

    Darn Amber, that sucks!

    I have no real plans except to try and get my food shopping done before the holiday crowd hits the store tomorrow morning, avoid the loud booming stereo music my neighbors always play on holiday weekends *groan* and what I do every day. Work! I have to afford all the stuff I need to get done in the house.

    Haven't found any magic money wands yet! Grrr

  4. Why don't you go to an art or hobby store and buy a can of Dull-coat and spray a couple coats. That'll take the luster off!

    My plans this weekend are to get the house trim painted if I can't find some way to get out of it. Maybe I could stub my toe? :)

  5. oooh you have a holiday weekend too, so do we in the UK! I have a really exciting one planned, I need to do my account oh yeah I know how to party!

    And yes that vase looks totally matt, how weird!

  6. It absolutely looks matte in the photo! Nothing major planned for this weekend unfortunately!

  7. Not a bad idea, Space Commander!

    As for chores, they are endless, aren't they?

    As always, thank you everyone for your responses!

  8. I really enjoy your site, the vintage is wonderful, and indeed does take me back to my childhood days.

    All the cool things I remember...all of it.

    Being here is something different, and makes me feel like a bit of vacation.

    Thank you

  9. I will of course be at the CH&R! Saturday Night is Lucy and Ricky in "The Long Long Trailer" at the Drive - In. Thankfully all my painting is done ;) sO now I jus thave to scrape some spots and sort through junk I want to ge tout of the Blanca before people open my cabinets! haha

  10. Well thank you kindly, Empress!


    That's another detail I have not overlooked. I want to encourage people TO go through my cabinets and such. That's where most of the good stuff will be stored!

    I guess that means making it look nice inside each one though, huh? Ack...