Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tell Us Something We Don't Know

Because if I post any more about painting walls or eBay finds I am going to gouge my eyes out ha ha...

Here is a question for all of you.

Tell us something about yourself we don't know!

I'll go first:

I worked for a decade doing field research measuring the slip-rate of major earthquake fault lines here in California. It was heavy duty field work complete with huge trenches being dug, and surveying. Combine that with Cartography (map making) and Remote Sensing thrown in.

Ironically I am directionally dyslexic!

Now, tell us something about you we don't know!


  1. good one!! forced me to put on my thinking hat(S)!!

    Here is mine~
    I have two business degrees, and have been struggling to make sense out of everything I learnt there about being result oriented and driven (professionally or otherwise). that clashes with the Hindu philosophy of minimal living and contentment...Going by these terms, I feel like a complete misfit in the corporate world!! :)

    dont know if this qualifies

  2. Ooo very good, and quite thought-pondering...

    I suppose if your focus is on a helping aspect (for mankind, nature, animals etc) and good karma, you could come to terms with it.

  3. lol...I let go off a senior analyst position with a cola company cos it dint fit into my ideology. So was the job at a tobacco processing company. result...i m jobless most of the time :) and living

  4. Well, you have set yourself for a challenge, but a good one. Lots of "green" corporations and such. The trick is finding them and getting to work with/for them. =)

  5. I so understand about the posting.....

    Something about myself...Well, you don't know a lot about me here goes.

    In my late twenties I taught gymnastics/tumbling to 4th graders through community education. I loved the work. I loved working with the kids.

    It was so rewarding to watch the kids learn coordination, learn pride in themselves, and work towards an end goal (a 'program' for their parents). And it was extremely rewarding to watch shy kids come out of their shell.

  6. Very cool, Carole =D I once volunteered at a Nature Program for kids and found they were fun to teach.

    I love, love looking at the vintage finds everyone else posts about, but I'm so damn bored with my own, and the looooong time it's taking to get ONE room together lol grrrr....

  7. I've pretty much told the world way too much about myself as it is according to my sister ("God, I can't BELIEVE you posted about doing drugs!"), but I'm pretty sure I haven't shared this: While squaredancing with my 6th grade class I realized I'd forgotten to use the bathroom during recess, and the way I realized that was due to the fact that I freaking peed on myself right there in front of my classmates. I squished squished squished up to the teacher and said, "Mr. Miller I need to go to the bathroom," and he looked down at me, smiled, and said, "Christine, it looks like you already have." This inability to have any kind of bladder control is undoubtedly why my father has called me Princess Runningwater for many many years. Now you know everything.

  8. I completely understand - I feel like I'm in a blog slump, it seems like the same things over and over that I post about.

    Hmm...something about me...

    My great grandparents had the first house in their town (approx. 1,000 people) to have indoor plumbing and a bathroom. (early 1900s)

    My grandma on my other side of my family had no indoor plumbing until about 7 years before her death. (around 1989-90)

    sorry - I was trying to come up with something original. I'm kind of a boring person.

  9. Wow! You must be a smart girl...I mean, I knew you were mid-century smart. I didn't know you were SMART smart!

    About me? I met my husband at a wedding. We actually walked down the aisle together twice.

  10. Post something unknown about myself?

    I don't know if that's a good idea, but okay... so I've lived in the same town my whole life, which is a pretty bad idea itself. I've been in a rollover in my SUV, which is also a bad idea. And I almost fell into the Grand Canyon when I was a kid, which is a major bad idea for most anybody I imagine.

  11. Ha ha Christine, I experimented with drugs too *gasp* but they simply didn't do much for me. OK, so there was that 2 years with my first "real" BF where I pretty much forget what happened those 2 years because he had to have his "herb" all day every day. Of course, that got old and so did the relationship lol...

    Very cool, Michael. Mom only drove a car for about 5 years. She was terrified of driving, so when we became driving age, we drove her everywhere, but didn't mind. ;)

    Mz Chickens, very sweet! Mom used to tell me when I was a girl that I'd have more dates than I'd know what to do with when I turned 18. Mom was wrong lolol...

    Space Commander oh lordy I still live in the same neighborhood I grew up in as well. (Cared for my folks all my life, so the house was the only thing Mom had to leave me in gratitude for caring for them for so many years). The kids in the neighborhood didn't like us, so it was mostly miserable until they finally moved away years later.

  12. Hmmm, stuff nobody knows about me.....Tammy Wynette and George Jones came to a party at my parent's house when I was about 9......I'm descended from 12 different Mayflower passengers.......and I'm strangely addicted to sugar free popsicles. This is a great post by the way, I think anyone who blogs a lot feels like they're writing the same stuff over and over...and over....and over

  13. Cool Perry!
    I like those same popsicles.

    Yep, it's a challenge to think up clever, on-topic posts after a while lol...

  14. Wow, I REALLY have something in common with you and Vintage Christine! I als had addiction problems, drugs and alcohol, but alcohol especially. Been sober and straight for 23 years. I used to teach disco, ballroom latin etc. for Arthur Murrays. I got a medical assistant degree at aged 32, didn't like it, moved on to Social work and now doing drug and alcohol counseling classes to enter that field. How's that for full circle?? Zootsuitmama

  15. Great post.I haven't talked about this on my blog. We adopted our sons when they were 4 and 5. They both have fetal alcohol syndrome. It has been the biggest challenge of our lives. There is no help out there for young adults with FAS yet I know so many people suffer with it. Thanks for asking...I feel like I've been in a counseling session!

  16. I quit smoking in December of 2009 and could not be happier. I always had thought if I quit I would be miserable forever.. It turns out I was very wrong. "Thank goodness"

  17. that job sounds hardcore and kinda scary in an anxiety type way....

    i love cheese. i could live on cheese. oh and like the gal above me, i quit smoking in 2004 and never really missed it. i picked up the nasty habit in college and now my hubs is desperately trying to quit now. for me it wasn't that hard.

  18. seeing I just discovered your blog & you don't know anything about me LOL, I'd like to just say hi! & I love your blog!!! so neato & great post as well :)

  19. hmmm....something about me that I haven't blabbed about before...

    Here are a couple of quickies:

    --I cannot swim. I used to be able to, but a big giant fat kid jumped into th pool on top of me and I almost drowned (i was 9, i think), and it ruined me for swimming.

    --I am terrified of heights. I mean screaming-like-a-little-girl sort of scared. Makes going to castles, etc a load of fun...

    --Two summers ago, I broke two toes on my left two differnt accidents, one of which I do not even remember. Ambien amnesia is a dangerous thing! The sad part is, it was three weeks before my wedding and I had to try and find new shoes to wear and ended up with granny flats!

    There...that is it for me. I have no more secrets to tell....maybe.


  20. zootsuitmama Wow you are doing good work, but I wouldn't say I ever had a drug "problem", more like I was trying to be my BFs good GF lol... That's when I discovered I didn't think I ever wanted to be married much less live with a man after that. Too much compromise on my part while he still got to be himself. No thanks. And living with someone bred contempt. Never again.

    Hmmm, no help for them, MCM? I'm surprised because they have programs and such for most everything.

    Melzaelf and Ally good for you! I smoked 10 years, quit 10 years and stupidly picked it up again after Dad passed away, then Mom, then Brother. And a few pets. It all happened in a short time, so I was stressed to the max. Plan on quitting again!

    Thanks GypsyFox!

    Pixie I developed a fear of heights. No more roller coasters for me! Oh and I broke my big toe and didn't know it until years later when my foot was x-rayed for something else. Huh? Must have been when I tried skate boarding lol...

  21. Hm... I'm very slowly getting into letterpress printing. I've finished one project -- a simple one-sheet pamphlet -- and have now dived into printing a short, illustrated book. I guess I could add that I'm a sucker for punishment...

    I was in a band for a long time. Technically we still exist, but in a weird, "don't look in the box/Schroedinger's Cat" kind of way. Our music was of a kind that still makes my mom shake her head in dismay.

    I destroyed my knee in a skiing accident that required all sorts of surgery to repair. I was perched on the edge of a small cliff, deciding whether to jump, when I noticed a girl down below looking up at me. That made the decision, of course, so I backed up a few feet, zoomed towards the edge, and launched myself into the air. But not far enough to miss the outcropping just below my line of sight. I managed to move my skis out of the way, but landed funny. Not "Ha Ha!" funny, but "Snap Goes the Kneecap!" funny. I do remember glancing over at the girl who, sadly, looked decidedly unimpressed as the ski patrol was loading me onto the sled for the ride down to the hospital. Oh well.

    And now I collect vintage toys. Connect those dots, why dontcha.

  22. Doc:

    What kind of books? And what kind of music?

    Haha, you are a bit like me. My experiences and interests have rambled a bit with not much connection from one to the other.

    I like to learn new things so will try all sorts of stuff, and watch all different kinds of documentaries.

    Oh and the things we do to impress the opposite sex har! I can tell you about a couple spectacular spills I made in public while trying to teeter around on "sexy" spike high heels because I was trying to impress a guy at the time ha ha ha.... Not as dramatic as a ski jump, but the ground felt just as hard lol....

  23. The book I'm printing remains a secret for now. I'll alert the world via the Attic once it's done. (This way I don't have to put myself on a deadline...)

    The music is generally known as "industrial," which, these days, means a lot of aggressive electronics, heavy dance beats, and, in our case, huge chunks of guitar. The band's themes include retro-futurism, Fifties science fiction, and mid-century socio-political paranoia. One of our albums featured a robot on the inside cover, too. So actually, not that far off from the things that pervade my areas of interest today. (Some clever googling -- or not so clever googling -- can find my band's website, along with some MP3s if you're really feeling masochistic.)

  24. Hmmm... Now I'm curious. I'll have to do some googling ;)