Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Atomic Lamp


What can I say? I said "Yes!"

Now I'm not going all out "girly pink" in terms of "shabby chic" in the master bedroom.

Bedroom #1 is already shabby chic, so to speak. That's where I house all the girly stuff: quilts, lace, toys, dolls, baby crib, perfume bottle collection etc etc etc...

Which is why bedroom #2/office is going to have a masculine vintage space theme. I like my house to have balance. Or would that be sexual tension? lol...

However, for the master bedroom, I am striving for atomic pink and black with some turquoise, and modern geometric designs. Sleek and sophisticated for me, please.

I have two different fiberglass whip stitched lamp shades already to try on my latest addition.

So, I am content.

Hope you all are having a good Sunday evening!


  1. prettty!! I like it so much, I think you should use it to create some sexual tension!

  2. Very neat and the price is right! I love it! That color pink goes with so much! It doesn't have to be foo -foo or Matchy-Matchy...Zootsuitmama

  3. Fab lamp, how could you resist at that price?!

  4. Well, I'm sorry, but if it were MY lamp there would be crystals hanging from those thingies that are OBVIOUSLY meant for dangling crystals. And then I'd put on a satin shade WITH FRINGE and think, "Hmmm, does this say 'ho house', or what?" Did you get that off eBay? How much do they charge to ship a lamp these days, considering how I get charged $12 to ship a freakin' teeny little lampshade!

  5. I always love these 50's lamps that combine cermaics and metal framing, what a great buy!

  6. Ha ha ha Christine, you are so adorable!

    $23 for s/h on this lamp, but that's about the going rate, even with a shade for ONE lamp.

    Maybe $30 for a pair with shades, unless they are humongous.

    Thanks one and all for your comments! I always appreciate each and every one of you and your opinions!

  7. Wowowowowowowow, love love love it! I think I need to save some money and then send it all to you and have you shop for me. You'll get a finder's fee of course. :D

  8. lol Maggi... I'm a consummate certified workaholic, and that means hours sitting at my computer. To break up the routine I "window shop" eBay. A lot.

    Otherwise I'd go crazy. =)

  9. Very cool lamp! Eight Dollars? What a steal!

  10. Howdy
    I love it !!!!!!!!!!!
    I have a similar lamp that has moved with us over the past 25 years and it has yet to find a permanent home ,however it always seems to find a perfect place to fit in on it's own :)
    I wish you all the same happiness from your lamp as we have had with ours .
    Have a fabulous rest of the week.
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  11. Wasn't there an episode of Married With Children where peg re-decorated Al's man-cave bathroom in all pink & frills? Vintage Christine's comment totally reminded me of that! I like it either way, good find!

  12. Ha ha and as always, thanks one and all for the comments!

    Howdy back at'cha Terry!