Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Atomic Lamp


What can I say? I said "Yes!"

Now I'm not going all out "girly pink" in terms of "shabby chic" in the master bedroom.

Bedroom #1 is already shabby chic, so to speak. That's where I house all the girly stuff: quilts, lace, toys, dolls, baby crib, perfume bottle collection etc etc etc...

Which is why bedroom #2/office is going to have a masculine vintage space theme. I like my house to have balance. Or would that be sexual tension? lol...

However, for the master bedroom, I am striving for atomic pink and black with some turquoise, and modern geometric designs. Sleek and sophisticated for me, please.

I have two different fiberglass whip stitched lamp shades already to try on my latest addition.

So, I am content.

Hope you all are having a good Sunday evening!