Friday, May 21, 2010

Modern Reproduction Retro Furniture - Recommendations?

Fellow bloggers! I need your help!

As a hard-core mid-century purist (snob?) I concede I will have to buy modern reproduction furniture for my living room.

There is no way I will ever find what I want in genuine period style and COLOR most of all.

So I have been trying to find reputable companies who sell fantastic reproductions at affordable prices.

All of these are from Modern Furniture.com and I love the styles and most of what they have in black or dark gray.

Prices are fantastic (couches and love seats for about $600, chairs in the $200-$300 range).

But have any of you bought furniture like this, and can you give me recommendations based on your experience?

Or do you know of any other online companies such as these?

If so, please share!

And take a peek at the company that makes these. They have some fantastic retro repros!

P.S. I get nuttin' from this endorsement, I just like what they have lol...