Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Living The Future of Tomorrow Today!

I am so freaking bored of the painting already.

This is the approx. wall and trim color above.

Scary dark, isn't it?

But with the advent of modern technology, I can peek into the future to what it's supposed to look like!

(Yes I know the drop shadow is all wrong lol).

The tentative color palette.

I know all of you are as bored of seeing my eBay purchases as I am lol...

And since I STILL have no interior design photos to show because it will be 2020 before I get this deal done, here is a sort of off the wall question for all of you:

Do you respond to comments made to your blog posts, and if not, why not?

I've always wondered about this. Is that strange?

Happy Tuesday! I will be going back to Home Depot today for that third gallon of Dark Ash gray paint for the living room. *yawn*