Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Living The Future of Tomorrow Today!

I am so freaking bored of the painting already.

This is the approx. wall and trim color above.

Scary dark, isn't it?

But with the advent of modern technology, I can peek into the future to what it's supposed to look like!

(Yes I know the drop shadow is all wrong lol).

The tentative color palette.

I know all of you are as bored of seeing my eBay purchases as I am lol...

And since I STILL have no interior design photos to show because it will be 2020 before I get this deal done, here is a sort of off the wall question for all of you:

Do you respond to comments made to your blog posts, and if not, why not?

I've always wondered about this. Is that strange?

Happy Tuesday! I will be going back to Home Depot today for that third gallon of Dark Ash gray paint for the living room. *yawn*


  1. Yes, I generally respond. :-)

    I love to paint! Well, I like painting okay, but I love picking out color and seeing the finished result. I enjoy making my home feel like "mine." So, keep your eye on the prize!!

  2. That wall color does look at little dark, but maybe seeing it in a wider frame it would look different.

    I try to respond to blog comments, usually I roll a response to two or three comments into one reply, otherwise I think I would be repeating myself too much.

    Hang in there with the painting, you'll nail it and feel really good when you do!

  3. I'm going to try photoshopping a larger image in hopes of comforting myself about the color choice.

    The closet in my art Studio is even darker, and I love the dramatic way it looks with the right wall art.

    It will be the most dramaic "modern" retro room in the house since it's the first room you see when you come in.

    I'm with you Uncle Atom, I try to condense my responses. But I do try to respond as much as possible. Even if folks don't come back to check on replies (it hard to remember where you post comments sometimes) I still like to do it. =)

  4. And of course there's me who doesn't respond to comments. I just figure people usually comment and then go on to something else. Since I see all the comments via email, though, I do respond to some comments that way if the email address shows up. As a matter of fact, I was JUST going to respond to your comment on today's blog! Will you please hurry up and finish your house--I'm getting impatient waiting for the big party!

  5. lol Christine... Give me another decade *rolls eyes*

  6. If a person asks a question or makes a comment that I really want to leave a reply to, I do it over on their blog. There's no other way to ensure that they actually get your response otherwise, since there isn't a convenient 'reply' button on blogspot - and I doubt people keep checking the comments on my posts to see if I've said 'thanks for the compliment'. I find that to be the biggest letdown about blogging on this medium, because it makes interaction with readers a lot more difficult and time consuming. I'd like to respond a lot more than I currently do >.< I'm a bad blogger. I just wish there was an easier way to respond to people and ensure that they are notified of my replies.

  7. I agree Miss Emmi! The one thing I find disappointing about blogging is the lack of interaction. We all talk AT each other.

    I offered a forum where we could go to chat before but there wasn't a lot of interest. Maybe if I do it anyways?

    Anyways, I am guilty of not remembering where I post all my comments, so don't always check back for replies if I posted more than a small comment lol...

  8. I'm kinda bi-polar, sometimes I respond to the comments when they show up in my emails, I imagine it only goes back to the person who sent it, not the blog. Sometimes I post it up on the blog itself. I love it when people write back and we get a conversation started! Do you have any people who can help ya with your painting? Maybe its time to throw a painting party, pizza & beer gets many a large task done :-)

  9. Oh my I was so confused I thought your first picture was a piece of paper on a table or something. *LOL*

  10. I like the look of the orange artwork against the grey.

    With regards to comments, I have decided to just respond if I feel like something needs a response or if someone has asked a question.
    I subscribe to the comments of other people's posts if I'm expecting an answer.

  11. I feel like I'm staring at a blank wall in the living room at this point Melzaelf.

    Hmmm I hadn't thought of that, MoonDoggie. Duh I think I went 6 months before I figured out you could upload photos right here on your blog rather than use other image hosts.

    I'm in the slow learning corner lol...