Thursday, May 20, 2010

I May be Crazy...

And I may be crazy for turquoise Googie style plastic frames...

But NOT $117 crazy! They are only 12" square, people!

Bah, I can make my own for about $1.50 lol...

Some of this stuff sells for crazy amounts.

So, we all know we are vintage experts, we know where and how to find the deals, but share this with us:

What else are you expert at?

Share your skills and brag to the world!


  1. hahahaha...I could make those myself! Just like I made my kick ass mailbox!


  2. Hmmm...I think I'm doing a pretty good job teaching reading...

    For home things...I really like refinishing furniture. Already have my first piece to refinish this summer waiting for me.

  3. Yup Mary, no way am I paying $117 for those, i don't care HOW cool they are lol...

    Michael: I have an old Eames type set of shelves. Small, not valuable, but the finish is in poor shape. Should I refinish or should I leave it original?

  4. Lawn Chairs! Seriously I hold usesless tidbits of knowledge... Titanic, Early inventors, just about all trival topics haha! Oh and MOVIES... <3 Movies.

  5. What the what? That is insane!

    Hmmmm, not sure I'm quite an expert at anything really, I'm more of a Jill of All Trades. Good at a lot, master of zip. LOL

  6. Love movies, Mick. been a netflix member since 1994. Yikes! A movie a day.

    Insane is right, Maggi. I can't believe what some folks will pay for something you can make easily!

  7. I am an expert at spending uncountable amounts on Netflix without watching or renting a single movie.

  8. They are cute but you are so right hardly $117 worth of cool! I am definately going to attempt to make something like that myself when I get the chance, running your own business doesn't leave much time for fun projects :o(

  9. I run my own businesses, so yes, I don't even know what free time is lol...

    BUT I might have one of my guy friends cut out the wood for me. The painting and hanger and photo I can add myself. =)

  10. i always get a good laugh out of overpriced stuff that makes no sense what so ever. As for my tidbits of knowledge... other than retro, I know a good deal about computers since my job is in software. i am also a part-time figure skating coach!

  11. danger danger, I see a DIY in my future... I was literally just thinking this morning I should start mounting some of my collages/work on paper onto wooden backgrounds... ahem...
    I'm not really all that great a carpenter, sadly, but I have some basic skills, a minimal fear of a table saw and friends with workshops.

  12. DYI for sure lol...

    I usually use small wrapped canvasses for my collage work, but heck, you can do that on anything.

  13. I think the biggest thing is the fake "grooved" wood. That is the hard part to find when trying to replicate a vintage shadowbox.