Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Survive an Atomic Bomb

People! This might save your life!

This is going on one of my living room tables. What a conversation piece.

Now all I need is an official Fallout shelter sign, looking for one now lol...

Other than that I have nothing, NOTHING to blog about! I have been finishing that %$#@*& painting in the living room, still trying to patch some wood trim around a door so I can paint the trim color. Got the paint for the hall way. That's it!

I work some insane hours (tell me you work more than me and I will challenge you lol) so that eats up a lot of time, but jeez, Hope to blog about my floor re-sanding experience soon.

I hope Home Depot has home contractors I can use.

That's all!

Hope you are having a happy Friday!