Monday, May 17, 2010

Gift - FAIL

OK, in effort to make blogging a bit more interactive, and because we all love to share things about ourselves, I thought I'd show you the worst gift anyone ever gave me.

Now this was from my first "real" boy friend, back in the day. He was a bit older than me, and in my 18 year old eyes, that made him more sophisticated.

So come Christmas time when he gave me several BIG wrapped gifts, I imagined all sorts of wonderful things:

Fur coats, sexy boots, new sophisticated bedding... It HAD to be something good, right?

But come that fateful Christmas morning, as I opened the first of the two biggest boxes, to my horror was a Bradley doll lamp much like the one pictured above.

Now by this time, Bradley dolls were considered a decade too old. And I was 18, not 10!

I was mortified, I hated them, and great guy, he got me a matching pair. /sarcasm. Ugh!

Well, that boy friend didn't last, and neither did my ugly Bradley lamps.

Now confess, what was the worst "vintage" (or otherwise) gift YOU ever got?

p.s. If you love Bradley dolls, my apologies. For me, it was like my boy friend was telling me I was an out-of-step kid with poor taste!