Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vintage Eames Cornflower Blue Glaze Vase

I got this sweet little Eames era vase for $0.99. eBay, of course.

I don't know why, but a while ago I started to collect these "ugly" little pots.

The kind with the matte glazes and sand-grit or dull finishes in earth colors.

I have my collection on a small set of wooden shelves original to the house.

Poor shelf needs refinishing too.

Old photo from last year of my very modest vintage pottery collection:

And my big glass Bonsai tree on top and still no clue how to clean it except go piece by piece (like I have time for that!)

Oh and thank you all for all your comments and suggestions as always.

I contacted the seller of the broken lamp. We'll see what she says!