Saturday, May 29, 2010

Check Out Doc Atomic's Weekend!

OK, I bet most of you know about Doc Atomic and his Attic of Astounding Artifacts, BUT if you don't, then scoot right over and Check. It. Out!.

His latest two posts have the most drool-worthy space toys, robots, ray guns, AND vintage toys, Halloween stuff, rocket banks AND 1939 World's Fair stuff!

Go! Skat! Check it out and join his blog if you haven't already! What are you waiting for? lol...

Even IF you don't collect ray guns and robots, you'll love to learn all about them from his own amazing collection and all the wonderful photos he posts.

See you over there!

P.S. All these photos are from Doc's blog, I hope he doesn't mind me giving you a preview, but I was so excited by his weekend I wanted everyone to check it out!

P.P.S. A big thank you regarding my Atomic Ranch House cat Christopher. He's doing much better today! Thanks to all of your well-wishes. =)


  1. Wow, those are too cool! I'm so glad Christopher is better!

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  3. *darn tpyoes! ...Oh, I give up!*

    Ditto on Christopher!

    Doc's space toy blogging is the best out there! Why do I say this? Because my monitor screen keeps fogging over everytime I visit :P

  4. Glad to hear kitty's better. I love that guy's stuff! I had a cool bank that shot the coin into the planet via a spaceship, but my daughter broke it when she was a baby! Cool..Zootsuitmama

  5. Thanks for the plug, I'm all a-blushing!

    And I'm glad your cat's feeling better. The Attic's cat, Calamity, sends her regards, too!