Monday, May 24, 2010

Atomic Wall Sconces

...which will go with this starburst clock I got a while back:

The broken lamp seller was kind enough to refund all my money! very cool! So now I have a lamp shade I can use for another lamp. I was happy she was cool about it, and quite honest, felt bad she had to go to all that trouble for nothing.

Pulled up some thin carpet in my entrance way and of course scuffed my newly painted walls. Touch-up time again! Arg.

The original tiles underneath don't look too bad, but will get new one's regardless.

I'd show photos, but do you really want to see an ugly floor? Nahhhh... lol...

On to painting the hall way next!

Oh, I see I have "followed" some of your blogs, but was able to "follow" a second time? Huh? Blogger has some strange glitches... very odd.

Happy Monday! I love reading all of your blogs!!


  1. I love those sconces, I once found a pair at a WV flea market for $1

  2. Awsome sconces! I swear some time you and I are having bid wars with eachother!

  3. Those sconces are F-A-B!!! I'm glad you were able to get refund!

  4. Love those scones and the clock. Hopefully I will also find something like that one day. lol

  5. These are made from plastic Melzaelf, and I got them way cheaper than the standard starburst clocks and such!

    Ya gotta think outside the box when decorating sometimes. And I'm not opposed to some surface wear on some of my items,

  6. I can't help but wonder if all the 50s love of start burst designs had anything to do with the space race?

  7. Love those! All those cool shapes remind me of the "cutouts" on some fifties houses, garage doors, shutters, etc. Zootsuitmama