Saturday, May 8, 2010

Atomic Ranch House Barkcloth

Speaking of, I love these two Ranch House style mid-century print fabrics. I don't recall ever seeing patterns like this.

The one above is, count them, 15 yards of material, auction ending in about 5 days HERE.

And this looks more like a satin or silk, auction ending in less than two hours HERE, as of this post.

I think the colors are better than shown in the photos, and I love the sort of Ranch House style.

Since I paid boo-koo bucks for my latest barkcloth, I will not be bidding on these but thought they were worthy of showing. If you get one or both, let us know!

That first pattern (top) sure is tasty!


The top cloth is 15 yards IN 7 PIECES. I didn't want to confuse anyone. And just about enough to cover ALL my big windows (with no pleats, of course), but not the colors I'd like. What a shame! Awesome design!