Saturday, May 22, 2010

Broken Atomic Lamp

Well, how do you like this? =(

Box arrived with $12.48 OWING in postage.

I'd already paid $18.52 in shipping, but the box was over-sized, hence the additional $12.48 postage. I emailed the seller.

She wanted proof, of course I did NOT open the box yet so I could photograph all the shipping info on the top of the box.

She did refund the extra $12.48 I paid. Very cool, I was sorry there was more shipping cost for her.

But when I opened the box, the lamp looked like this.

Broken out around the base, flopping.

The metal part moves up and down freely. And the felt cover on the bottom was torn like someone opened it up.

It didn't look this way in the photos.


I guess I should complain about it to the seller, but damn, already complained about the extra cost of shipping. I know it wasn't her fault, and to be honest, I feel bad contacting her again. I really do. =(

What do you think?

Keep the shade and write it off, leave a negative (which I hate to do!) or contact the seller and see what she says?