Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1950's Pink Kitchen Appliances - I Want These!

Oh my. For sale: A 1950's pink oven, stove, stove hood and sink. In excellent condition. For sale sort of near me. (4 hours drive).

But I've never used freight, never bought anything this big. Will they be removed from the kitchen by the owner first? How expensive is it to ship these things a few hundreds miles?

I contacted the seller because these would look soooo awesome in my kitchen, BUT I am so far away from getting the kitchen re-done it's not funny. My kitchen appliances are pink, but in such bad shape, they need to be trashed. Literally.

I'd have to store these... Where? In my garage/Studio?

But it's so tempting! Do these deals come along often? I wasn't looking for this. And they live close enough.

Seller has (0) feedback, but I sent a message because I'd have to talk to them.

What do you think?

Let it pass and assume I can find others in the future, get them despite the major issues or just get new reproduction appliances and forget the ideal of having original 1950's appliances?

I hate finding things like this sometimes. They really put me in a quandary.

P.S. The seller of the little blue hand-thrown vase told me I got a heck of a deal. Well duh, that's why I won it. Geez lol... It was a little hand made vase, not a Picasso lol...