Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1950's Appliances - Update!!

Whoo hoo! Talked to the guy who is selling these. Great guy! Super nice and friendly, and he says the appliances are already sitting in his garage, ready to load.

Told him about my blog, and how he was a hero here! He posted under the Vintage Christine Giveaway post.

Ha ha guess I shouldn't have admitted here how nervous I was about this. I bet I sounded like a dork when he read about it lol... Let this be a lesson to you, don't be a nerd on your blog like I was. Ha ha.

Now, to hire my friend, fingers crossed, and he can hire a couple of his workers (he's a General Superintendent in a major construction company) but he'll need the help because like I said, he and I are both old and crippled... Har! The joys of growing old!

If not, I will have a moving freight company get it.

Either way, Now my kitchen will look like she did in her glory days back in the late 50's! A dream come true!


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