Monday, May 31, 2010

In Rememberence of my Dad - WWll Veteran

I have only one photo of Dad in uniform.

He never talked about it. All I knew was what branch he served in.

And for my Uncles Mike, Bob, Bill and Phil who also served in WWll.

Dad, I was always proud of you.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Atomic Lamp


What can I say? I said "Yes!"

Now I'm not going all out "girly pink" in terms of "shabby chic" in the master bedroom.

Bedroom #1 is already shabby chic, so to speak. That's where I house all the girly stuff: quilts, lace, toys, dolls, baby crib, perfume bottle collection etc etc etc...

Which is why bedroom #2/office is going to have a masculine vintage space theme. I like my house to have balance. Or would that be sexual tension? lol...

However, for the master bedroom, I am striving for atomic pink and black with some turquoise, and modern geometric designs. Sleek and sophisticated for me, please.

I have two different fiberglass whip stitched lamp shades already to try on my latest addition.

So, I am content.

Hope you all are having a good Sunday evening!

Vintage Dennison's Halloween Stickers - Placecards

I've always loved Halloween. It doesn't matter that it's almost June.

Seeing these adorable whimsical Dennison stickers in their little boxes, and the places cards for that vintage Halloween party makes me smile.

But will someone please tell me: WHY are vintage Halloween things SO expensive?

This is why, as much as I'd love to, I do not collect vintage Halloween stuff.

Because even though people keep saying how bad the economy is, there are always people out there with money.

Case in point: This lot of vintage Halloween items.

Now, take a guess at how much this sold for on eBay.

Go on, guess.

Have a figure in your mind yet?

What is it?




No, wrong.

This set of small items sold for:

Hang on to your wallets ladies and gents...


Yes, that's right, one thousand, one hundred dollars.

I ask you, who in the hell are these people that pay a thousand dollars for stickers? Charming, adorable, cute, but stickers?

Now, don't you feel better about not spending crazy money like this person did?


Makes all of our $5, $20 and even $100 purchases seem downright SANE lol...

Do you think they might be criminally insane? Tee hee...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Check Out Doc Atomic's Weekend!

OK, I bet most of you know about Doc Atomic and his Attic of Astounding Artifacts, BUT if you don't, then scoot right over and Check. It. Out!.

His latest two posts have the most drool-worthy space toys, robots, ray guns, AND vintage toys, Halloween stuff, rocket banks AND 1939 World's Fair stuff!

Go! Skat! Check it out and join his blog if you haven't already! What are you waiting for? lol...

Even IF you don't collect ray guns and robots, you'll love to learn all about them from his own amazing collection and all the wonderful photos he posts.

See you over there!

P.S. All these photos are from Doc's blog, I hope he doesn't mind me giving you a preview, but I was so excited by his weekend I wanted everyone to check it out!

P.P.S. A big thank you regarding my Atomic Ranch House cat Christopher. He's doing much better today! Thanks to all of your well-wishes. =)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Christopher - My Atomic Ranch Cat Has an Owie

Meet my buddy Christopher.

My sweet little buddy Chris, came out of the Studio limping this morning when I let him out. Poor guy! He was fine when I put him in there with my other Atomic cat Honey last night. He got in a brief scuffle with another cat that hangs around here, Gentry, but I broke that up within 30 seconds. Didn't notice any injuries yesterday.

I hope it's either a sprain or an infected scratch? He seemed to be in discomfort when I tried to pet him on his head, and you all may not agree with me on this, but I hesitate to take him to the vet and put him through further trauma and anxiety if it's just a sprain, and all they would tell me to do is keep him comfy until it heals anyways.

It's very stressful for a cat to be put in a carrier and taken to a strange place with dogs barking and strange smells and people when you are in pain and don't understand what's going on.

It makes my heart ache when one of my little pet friends doesn't feel well, so I will keep a very, very careful eye on him and take him right in if he seems to be getting worse.

He's often laying in front of the computer as I work, and follows me everywhere.

Keep your fingers crossed for my buddy Chris!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

That Darn Eames Blue Vase

I know, I know! Such a small thing to complain about! But while this arrived in fast time and in great condition, I bought it because it looks like it has a matt or dull finish on it. Turns out it's got a hard shine finish to it.

Do you see shine? Nope, looks dull. I should have asked. MY fault!

I will simply have to sign up at my local J.C. and take a pottery class and make my own, or go out to the thrifts and buy them. Heck, they can be fired yesterday and I don't care, as long as they have that dull, sandy, gritty lava or whatever finish that mid-century pottery has.

I am trying my best to get all of your vintage retro super cool blogs in my blogroll, so do NOT hesitate to mention it IF I don't have yours on there already!

And still anxious about getting my boomerang table. Fingers crossed it arrives undamaged.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday.

Any plans for Memorial Day? Share them with us!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1950's Appliances - Update!!

Whoo hoo! Talked to the guy who is selling these. Great guy! Super nice and friendly, and he says the appliances are already sitting in his garage, ready to load.

Told him about my blog, and how he was a hero here! He posted under the Vintage Christine Giveaway post.

Ha ha guess I shouldn't have admitted here how nervous I was about this. I bet I sounded like a dork when he read about it lol... Let this be a lesson to you, don't be a nerd on your blog like I was. Ha ha.

Now, to hire my friend, fingers crossed, and he can hire a couple of his workers (he's a General Superintendent in a major construction company) but he'll need the help because like I said, he and I are both old and crippled... Har! The joys of growing old!

If not, I will have a moving freight company get it.

Either way, Now my kitchen will look like she did in her glory days back in the late 50's! A dream come true!


Don't forget to enter Christine's Giveaway, one post below this one~

Vintage Christine is Having a Giveaway! Happy 100!

Whoo hoo! My good friend over at I'm Not Old I'm Vintage is having another awesome giveaway to celebrate 100 followers!

Scoot over there, join her blog if you haven't already, and enter to win one of these adorable Shawnee planters and some other fine vintage goodies.

We love you, Christine!

NO word from the seller of the 1950's pink appliances yet, but I think I found out where he works, based on his name hee hee. I may have to call this person to see if they are one and the same. I am soooo anxious about this! I can't believe I will have the appliances I dreamed of for my house!!

Can you tell I am nervous as heck about this? lol...

Good things have not come my way in a long time so keep your fingers crossed for me about this (No, you don't want to hear about all the bad things lol).


He contacted me and the deal is going through!!!

Oh my gosh! So far so good. I will talk to him soon.

And THANK YOU!! I have 300 followers! If and when I get this appliance deal worked out, I will have a giveaway too!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1950's Pink Kitchen Appliances - I Want These!

Oh my. For sale: A 1950's pink oven, stove, stove hood and sink. In excellent condition. For sale sort of near me. (4 hours drive).

But I've never used freight, never bought anything this big. Will they be removed from the kitchen by the owner first? How expensive is it to ship these things a few hundreds miles?

I contacted the seller because these would look soooo awesome in my kitchen, BUT I am so far away from getting the kitchen re-done it's not funny. My kitchen appliances are pink, but in such bad shape, they need to be trashed. Literally.

I'd have to store these... Where? In my garage/Studio?

But it's so tempting! Do these deals come along often? I wasn't looking for this. And they live close enough.

Seller has (0) feedback, but I sent a message because I'd have to talk to them.

What do you think?

Let it pass and assume I can find others in the future, get them despite the major issues or just get new reproduction appliances and forget the ideal of having original 1950's appliances?

I hate finding things like this sometimes. They really put me in a quandary.

P.S. The seller of the little blue hand-thrown vase told me I got a heck of a deal. Well duh, that's why I won it. Geez lol... It was a little hand made vase, not a Picasso lol...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Show Your Support - Join Atomic Living


Go check out my blog buddy Space Commander's super cool, far out blog, and please join.

He needs new members because I am sure he's tired of talking to me over there ha ha..

I LOVE his logo design and I want to steal his tag-line soooo bad:

Living Yesterdays Future Today in a Repowered 1958 Ranch

Find his blog HERE.

And if I am not mistaken, his whole house is decorated mid-century! If so, we want a tour!!

If you have a retro, vintage, mid-century blog you update on a regular basis, let me know and I will feature it!

I can see a "1 comment" on my blog and his, but when I click on either, nothing shows up, so blogger may be having more glitches!

Atomic Wall Sconces

...which will go with this starburst clock I got a while back:

The broken lamp seller was kind enough to refund all my money! very cool! So now I have a lamp shade I can use for another lamp. I was happy she was cool about it, and quite honest, felt bad she had to go to all that trouble for nothing.

Pulled up some thin carpet in my entrance way and of course scuffed my newly painted walls. Touch-up time again! Arg.

The original tiles underneath don't look too bad, but will get new one's regardless.

I'd show photos, but do you really want to see an ugly floor? Nahhhh... lol...

On to painting the hall way next!

Oh, I see I have "followed" some of your blogs, but was able to "follow" a second time? Huh? Blogger has some strange glitches... very odd.

Happy Monday! I love reading all of your blogs!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vintage Eames Cornflower Blue Glaze Vase

I got this sweet little Eames era vase for $0.99. eBay, of course.

I don't know why, but a while ago I started to collect these "ugly" little pots.

The kind with the matte glazes and sand-grit or dull finishes in earth colors.

I have my collection on a small set of wooden shelves original to the house.

Poor shelf needs refinishing too.

Old photo from last year of my very modest vintage pottery collection:

And my big glass Bonsai tree on top and still no clue how to clean it except go piece by piece (like I have time for that!)

Oh and thank you all for all your comments and suggestions as always.

I contacted the seller of the broken lamp. We'll see what she says!

Broken Atomic Lamp

Well, how do you like this? =(

Box arrived with $12.48 OWING in postage.

I'd already paid $18.52 in shipping, but the box was over-sized, hence the additional $12.48 postage. I emailed the seller.

She wanted proof, of course I did NOT open the box yet so I could photograph all the shipping info on the top of the box.

She did refund the extra $12.48 I paid. Very cool, I was sorry there was more shipping cost for her.

But when I opened the box, the lamp looked like this.

Broken out around the base, flopping.

The metal part moves up and down freely. And the felt cover on the bottom was torn like someone opened it up.

It didn't look this way in the photos.


I guess I should complain about it to the seller, but damn, already complained about the extra cost of shipping. I know it wasn't her fault, and to be honest, I feel bad contacting her again. I really do. =(

What do you think?

Keep the shade and write it off, leave a negative (which I hate to do!) or contact the seller and see what she says?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Modern Reproduction Retro Furniture - Recommendations?

Fellow bloggers! I need your help!

As a hard-core mid-century purist (snob?) I concede I will have to buy modern reproduction furniture for my living room.

There is no way I will ever find what I want in genuine period style and COLOR most of all.

So I have been trying to find reputable companies who sell fantastic reproductions at affordable prices.

All of these are from Modern Furniture.com and I love the styles and most of what they have in black or dark gray.

Prices are fantastic (couches and love seats for about $600, chairs in the $200-$300 range).

But have any of you bought furniture like this, and can you give me recommendations based on your experience?

Or do you know of any other online companies such as these?

If so, please share!

And take a peek at the company that makes these. They have some fantastic retro repros!

P.S. I get nuttin' from this endorsement, I just like what they have lol...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I May be Crazy...

And I may be crazy for turquoise Googie style plastic frames...

But NOT $117 crazy! They are only 12" square, people!

Bah, I can make my own for about $1.50 lol...

Some of this stuff sells for crazy amounts.

So, we all know we are vintage experts, we know where and how to find the deals, but share this with us:

What else are you expert at?

Share your skills and brag to the world!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1950's Boomerang Table

Whew, she's mine!

I needed another table like I needed a hole in my head, but I simply could not pass this beauty up! It's MUCH more retro than the two asian-style chow tables I planned on using in the living room.

I needed something turquoise to go with the turquoise in my "new" barkcloth curtains, and this came along.

Thank you vintage gods!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gift - FAIL

OK, in effort to make blogging a bit more interactive, and because we all love to share things about ourselves, I thought I'd show you the worst gift anyone ever gave me.

Now this was from my first "real" boy friend, back in the day. He was a bit older than me, and in my 18 year old eyes, that made him more sophisticated.

So come Christmas time when he gave me several BIG wrapped gifts, I imagined all sorts of wonderful things:

Fur coats, sexy boots, new sophisticated bedding... It HAD to be something good, right?

But come that fateful Christmas morning, as I opened the first of the two biggest boxes, to my horror was a Bradley doll lamp much like the one pictured above.

Now by this time, Bradley dolls were considered a decade too old. And I was 18, not 10!

I was mortified, I hated them, and great guy, he got me a matching pair. /sarcasm. Ugh!

Well, that boy friend didn't last, and neither did my ugly Bradley lamps.

Now confess, what was the worst "vintage" (or otherwise) gift YOU ever got?

p.s. If you love Bradley dolls, my apologies. For me, it was like my boy friend was telling me I was an out-of-step kid with poor taste!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tell Us Something We Don't Know

Because if I post any more about painting walls or eBay finds I am going to gouge my eyes out ha ha...

Here is a question for all of you.

Tell us something about yourself we don't know!

I'll go first:

I worked for a decade doing field research measuring the slip-rate of major earthquake fault lines here in California. It was heavy duty field work complete with huge trenches being dug, and surveying. Combine that with Cartography (map making) and Remote Sensing thrown in.

Ironically I am directionally dyslexic!

Now, tell us something about you we don't know!

Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Survive an Atomic Bomb

People! This might save your life!

This is going on one of my living room tables. What a conversation piece.

Now all I need is an official Fallout shelter sign, looking for one now lol...

Other than that I have nothing, NOTHING to blog about! I have been finishing that %$#@*& painting in the living room, still trying to patch some wood trim around a door so I can paint the trim color. Got the paint for the hall way. That's it!

I work some insane hours (tell me you work more than me and I will challenge you lol) so that eats up a lot of time, but jeez, Hope to blog about my floor re-sanding experience soon.

I hope Home Depot has home contractors I can use.

That's all!

Hope you are having a happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Atomic Lamp and Wall Pocket

Couldn't help snagging this gem of a lamp. My folks used to have a pair of lamps with this sort of "pagoda" style lampshade, so since I got it for a good price, I had to add it.

And this darling measuring spoon holder wall pocket. Not the colors I was looking for, but will come in handy. Unless I decide to give it away. I have quite a few things I want to do giveaways with, and when I can find the time...

I do believe the living room is all painted. Well, except for one wall that needs a second coat. And the trim. But first I had to fill in some major dings and scratches in the wood trim around a couple doors. But I don't have the right sand paper, so I will have to get some.

It's always something, isn't it?

Happy Tuesday evening! Tell me your day was much more fun!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Atomic Ranch House Barkcloth

Speaking of, I love these two Ranch House style mid-century print fabrics. I don't recall ever seeing patterns like this.

The one above is, count them, 15 yards of material, auction ending in about 5 days HERE.

And this looks more like a satin or silk, auction ending in less than two hours HERE, as of this post.

I think the colors are better than shown in the photos, and I love the sort of Ranch House style.

Since I paid boo-koo bucks for my latest barkcloth, I will not be bidding on these but thought they were worthy of showing. If you get one or both, let us know!

That first pattern (top) sure is tasty!


The top cloth is 15 yards IN 7 PIECES. I didn't want to confuse anyone. And just about enough to cover ALL my big windows (with no pleats, of course), but not the colors I'd like. What a shame! Awesome design!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Atomic Mid-Century Barkcloth Curtains

Whoo hoo! After searching and searching and searching for curtains, enough Eames style curtains in the right size, right amount, right colors and right patterns at a cost I could afford, I FINALLY scored just about enough for my 6 huge, floor to ceiling living room windows!

OK, so my color scheme is mostly black, red, gray and gold, so I'll just have to deal with the little turquoise color also thrown in, but it will work nicely!

It still won't quite be enough (4 panels each at 40" x 86"), it's the right amount for not quite four out of the 6 windows, so I will have white curtains on two windows in-between.

I was never going to live long enough to find enough curtain material for all 6 windows!

Now to find barkcloth curtains for a couple other rooms. With smaller windows *whew*

I'm guessing barkcloth is a dry-clean only deal? Anyone know?

I also wanted to thank each and every one of you who responded to my "Mid-Century Debate" (last post). I read every response carefully and learned a lot about each one of your ideas regarding this issue. Some of your had perspectives I'd never thought of! Very interesting to say the least. Thank you very much for all your replies. I wanted to respond to each one, and will do so later after I wake up, with a new post.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Mid-Century Debate

People! We need a rousing debate! A friendly discussion of the definition of what exactly constitutes "Mid-Century" because why? Because I want to hear your opinions. And I thought it would be a good topic.

Now please note, this is a TONGUE IN CHEEK type of discussion, and I demand you don't take my opinions personally lol...

But here is what I think:

If it's late 1960's - 1970's it's NOT mid-century!

Mid-Century = the decade just before and after the 1950's. Taking WWll into account, Mid-Century therefor is 1945-1965.

People! Just look at the image above. Can you honestly say that's Mid-century? NO! It's a style that is markedly DIFFERENT from the 1945-1965 era I THINK is really Mid-Century!

I mean, who are we kidding here? Orange flowers and avacado green is not Mid-Century, it's RETRO people, RETRO!!


Disagree? I want to hear your opinion. Stand your ground! Tell me the late 60's - 70's are somehow Mid-Century!


Okie dokie, here are some more examples of NOT Mid-Century (below).

Not Mid-century.


Can't agree, not Mid-Century.

Retro, people, it's RETRO!

Uh uh, nadda.

Can't be.

Completely different.

And a nyet lol...

OK, Now HERE is Mid-Century! Take note, good people of Blogger land lol...

Yup, Mid-Century.

This is what I am talking about.

Oh baby, that's the ticket.

Pure Mid-Century style.

Here we go.

Are you seeing what I see?

Blissful post-war baby boomer style.

And I am right and those of you who disagree are wrong.

Now, state your case! Tell me I am wrong! Tell me where the sun don't shine! Debate! =)

*NOTE* No bloggers were actually hurt during the creation of this post. Thank you.

P.S. There really is no "right" or "wrong" answer, but I'd like to know how you quantify it. =)