Friday, April 9, 2010

Would You All Be Interested In A Chat Board Forum?

I am wondering if you all would be interested in a chat board forum where we could go to post?

My friend has had a chat board for over 4 years. It has over a million posts. I am there every day, pretty much all day.

If enough people here were interested to sign up and post on occasion, I am sure my friend would create a forum just for us Vintage and Collectable lovers. We could talk about anything you'd like (so long as it's legal lol).

We could share our photos, stories, have a link to your blog in your signature, and chat. I have to admit, I am more used to a chat board format than blogging. There is much more interaction on a chat board. =) I have been on chat boards for years lol. I like interaction.

Why do you think?

If you are interested, just leave a yea, or a nay, if not.

Please note:

My friend is the admin and owner of the board. He is a very experienced admin, a professional who has administered some well-known chat boards such as AOL, MTV, etc. He himself has a lot of vintage things and collectables.

It is a place where adults can come and chat. Politics seems to be popular in the main forum. People have strong opinions in the main forum. There is also a private forum in addition to other forums.

If enough want this, we would have our own forum. Folks there at this board are mostly friendly, I have known many of them for several years prior to my friends' chat board as most of us come from an eBay forum.

But, the main forums can get heated at times. Simply stay out of them if you prefer. =)

As I said, I am there every day all day. I'd make you feel welcome. =D

Just let me know, my friend would love some new friendly folks like you!

It's free to sign up, no spam or anything.

OK, let me know!

P.S. I'd rather my blog NOT be mentioned there. After as many years as I have interacted with some of these folks, I want to keep them separate. But you won't have that issue. =D A very few folks simply do not like my opinions (and I am non-confrontational) and might post not so nice things about my blog there. Remember, I have known some of these folks for almost 10 years lol.