Friday, April 9, 2010

Vintage Space Saver Rotary Retro Phone

I've never seen a phone like this before. Looks to be from the 1960's.

Does it just sit at the edge of a counter with the mouthpiece dangling off the side like that?

How do you dial it? Doesn't it tip over? Or do you remove the handset, pick it up, then dial?

I am both intrigued and confused!

You can have this yourself for the right price.

Auction ends today, look HERE.

Found a suitable two-tiered lampshade for my big black globe lamp, with a good enough Buy It Now price. but just to make sure, I emailed the seller.

I wanted to be sure it was fiberglass and not paper. I made the mistake of buying a Eames vintage paper lampshade. Not a single bit of light shines through the shade, which defeats the purpose of having a lamp at all, unless you don't mind light only shining from the top and bottom.

They wrote back saying it was paper, but I wrote back a second time, because it looks like parchment/fiberglass, and. . . They didn't bother to reply a second time.

I was all ready to send that payment to them had it been real fiberglass/parchment, but I guess they didn't need the money that bad.

Or, it's made from paper lol...