Friday, April 9, 2010

Vintage Space Saver Rotary Retro Phone

I've never seen a phone like this before. Looks to be from the 1960's.

Does it just sit at the edge of a counter with the mouthpiece dangling off the side like that?

How do you dial it? Doesn't it tip over? Or do you remove the handset, pick it up, then dial?

I am both intrigued and confused!

You can have this yourself for the right price.

Auction ends today, look HERE.

Found a suitable two-tiered lampshade for my big black globe lamp, with a good enough Buy It Now price. but just to make sure, I emailed the seller.

I wanted to be sure it was fiberglass and not paper. I made the mistake of buying a Eames vintage paper lampshade. Not a single bit of light shines through the shade, which defeats the purpose of having a lamp at all, unless you don't mind light only shining from the top and bottom.

They wrote back saying it was paper, but I wrote back a second time, because it looks like parchment/fiberglass, and. . . They didn't bother to reply a second time.

I was all ready to send that payment to them had it been real fiberglass/parchment, but I guess they didn't need the money that bad.

Or, it's made from paper lol...


  1. Aaacckk! That phone would look perfect in my kitchen--that's my color! But I've promised myself and God that I will NOT buy anything until after I've got that condo. I am absolutely no good at self-control (proof: me) and if I can get through this successfully I'm thinking I might try to lose weight next. HA HA HA HA HA.

  2. Ohhhh Christine, I just deposited fresh money into my eBay account, too. It makes me go a little crazy thinking I can afford more than I should be getting ha ha.

    Fingers still crossed for you on the condo!

  3. That phone rocks! I love vintage and retro, as you know, however I was really really bad with rotary phones as a youngster. I would constantly get wrong numbers. I remember being so happy when we finally got a push-button.

  4. My folks didn't get a push button phone until about 10 years after everyone else had one. Same with a color TV, microwave and just about everything we owned lol...

    Which is why I still have so much vintage stuff from when I was a kid. My folks didn't get a lot of "new" things nor did they upgrade anything in the house. =)

  5. I love that phone a whole lot. I have never seen anything like it, it is too cool :)

  6. That phone is totally cool!

    I think it's probably used like a candlestick phone. You pick it up, remove the receiver, and dial while holding it.

    That color is 'in' everywhere this year. I went to Crate and Barrel yesterday and it's the predominate color in the store.

  7. I have a telephone like thatm its older and black, but apparently they hang o the wall. Mine came out of an old hardware store, and it was the "comp phone" for customers. I tused to be at the Casablanca but we didht have phoen then is was for "looks" and I knwo mine has to be hard wired into a phone line, (becuase they apparently didnt have the "jacks" we have now in the 1930's)

  8. That phone is GREAT! Never seen anything like it before,so rad!

  9. Ahh, I wondered if it was supposed to hang on the wall. Either that or it's like Carole said. =)

    Not a big fan of avacado green myself, or I would snag it!

  10. I took a chance and clicked your link. Wow! I'm sure glad I did. If you don't mind, I'm going to tag along.

  11. Hi Vintage Space saver phone, I have the same model it scews to the wall , the dial adjusts for angle and the recever hook can be moved to any position in a circle around the base unit, this version has no internal ringer so a seperate ringer box is required if you need bell, I just rely on hearing other phones ringing in the house, A superb phone. And a great website! All the best Paul

  12. I have two of these in black, I plan to restore, if possible.