Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage Space Posters

These neat vintage space posters would have been mine...

Except the seller never put the size of these posters in the auction...

And didn't answer my question about them sent 3 days before the end of the auction.

Oh well. Lots of wonderful vintage space travel stuff on eBay. I imagine these were simply copy print-outs of originals (which was fine) but why some sellers don't want to make money on eBay is beyond me.

Started painting my living room after going back up to Home Depot yesterday morning to get the lighter shade of gray. I'm still not sure it's the right color, and Behr paint is no better than Wal Marts paint, except it's more expensive.

Well, I have now sunk almost $100 into paint from Home Depot, so I won't be getting paint from there any time soon (except some flat black, because Wal Mart doesn't sell black and I need it for a table).

My old lady back is tweaking, so this should be interesting to see if I can get this done before the Fourth of July! Ha ha ha...


  1. Surely you jest! I bet you are done painting by the end of the weekend! It's a thankless job and best when checked off the list!

    Happy rolling!

  2. Those are cool.

    I hate it when sellers can't be bothered to answer questions. That's part of doing business imo.

    Your mention of painting reminds me that I need to repaint the kitchen. I've had the paint for three weeks and still haven't done the work.

    I'm using a no VOC paint (roughly the same color as I currently have) and those are certainly expensive (though have come down significantly since I first looked). Thankfully I only need one quart.

    I've always taken forever to decide on color choices. I pin swatches up for weeks, then actually paint a section of wall and live with that for a few days. I've never regretted a color when I've done it that way.

    Sorry about your back.

  3. Hiya Carole...

    I'm not usually so indecisive about color either, but your idea sounds good.

    Behr paint does have little mini samples you can buy for about $5, covers about 5'x 6', I think, so you can paint a test area.

    Not bad for big rooms with a lot of paint investment to check out the actual color first.

  4. For whatever it's worth, these posters are based on vintage edu-tainment cards that came out in the 1950s. (Which are, in turn, based on a set that came out a few years earlier, and were, as well, the inspiration for a set that came out a few years later. Phew!) Not tough to find the individual cards, somewhat difficult to find complete sets with boxes.

    You could always pick up a few from eBay, scan them at a high resolution, and then take them to a specialty photo store that could print them as enlarged photos or directly to canvases. (Not sure if such services exist near you... But they're out there if you do a google search.)