Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vintage Plastic Drapes

I snagged all 3 of these sets for a total of $4. How could I not?

3 packs of vintage 1950's curtains each 9 feet by 87 inches long.

Just about enough to cover all my huge, floor-to-ceiling living room windows.

But plastic? You ask?

My Dad used to buy all sorts of stuff to sell at the swap meet back in the day when swap meets still had cool stuff to sell and didn't become useless junk sales. (big yard sales held at Drive-In movies during the day on the weekends for you youngsters out there lol), and he had a whole lot of plastic table cloths from the same era. They were sturdier than you think, and I believe these will be too.

Not the colors I want, BUT my windows are so huge, and the sun beats down mercilessly on that side of the house in the summer, so I might try these as a liner between my actual curtains and the glass.

Hey they were $4, you think I could say no? lol....

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  1. The plastic drapes are wonderful. I say yea. That said, am I being to California when I say the gases from the plastic when the sun hits might make your hair turn red!

  2. Ha! only a fellow southern Californian knows how darn HOT it gets here in the summer lol...

  3. Won't they melt? I've actually never heard of those before and we're "of the same era" but it's always nice to still be able to learn something new at this point! When we lived in San Diego I used to go to the big flea market there (that was 18 years ago, though)--at that time you could still find some great stuff but, being California, the vendors were already starting to smarten up.

  4. Yup, after thinking about it, I think they would deteriorate in the sun after a summer or two. So, not sure if I will use them in the living room. But at $4, you know, I had to get them lol...

    I think the Thrift stores around here stopped getting good vintage stuff about the same time, Christine. There are so many deals and choices to find on eBay, I don't even bother checking Thrifts anymore. =(

  5. OOOHHH! there is a matching valance! I wonder what else you could make with them? Table cloths, shower curtains, stylish "space-age" work out weara car cover for your auto-mo-bubble? LOL!

  6. Thanks for the ideas, Amber! I might have to use these for a lot of other things lol...