Friday, April 16, 2010

Vintage Christine Does It Again

Vintage Christine over at I'm Not Old I'm Vintage read that I decided on a space theme (finally!) for my office/bedroom #2, and sent me these wonderful space robot goodies!

Christine, I adore you!!

If you haven't already, go, GO check out her blog, follow it and be sure to add it to your blogroll. She has a great sense of humor and is a wonderful person!

They will go well with my vintage Sputnik barometers and the few other choice space goodies I will eventually get for this room.

I'd forgotten I also have a couple old books on space flight and a roll of vintage space wall paper!

How did I get so lucky to find this wall paper in a Thrift store about 10 years ago is beyond me. I just love it. I think I will simply cut a full section with the full design area and frame it.

Any other ideas for wall paper? (Other than putting it on the wall lol).

Christine, thank you so kindly for this. It cheered me up!


  1. Ah, gee, gosh a-mighty, gal! Yer makin' me blush. Jes a lil sumthin' fer ma pal. That little episode with the fence hanger would've creeped me out, too. I've virtually stopped going to Walmart due to the gang of toothless filth-encrusted rednecks who feel it's their God-given right to walk up to me, say, "Man, I like your tats" and then TOUCH ME! Aaacckk! Cooties! Redneck cooties! What aisle is the bleach on?!!!!

  2. Its True Chris, your Pretty great! :)

  3. Ha Christine, just as you were posting, I removed my comments about the incident last night. Didn't feel they belonged here.

    I'm hyper aware of potential dangers that go on around me. And yes, I do have some nice big loaded guns lol. I always want to avoid bad situations, even the one's that may be innocent. Better safe than sorry!

    I thank you kindly once again!


  4. Very cool! The barometer is fabulous. And Chris is one of the most generous people I've never met! Could you use the wall paper to cover a lamp shade or maybe a vallance over your window? This room is going to be fabulous!

  5. How nice of her, perfect additions for your room! Framing a section of the paper is a great idea. You could use it to collage cover a box as well.

  6. Oooo as a valance or even a window cover. Hmmm will think about that Mz Chickens... Maybe glued to a roll-type window shade?

    And a box... Thanks, Maggi!