Thursday, April 8, 2010

Starburst Thermometer, Vintage Vanity Stool and Rocket Lampshade

Picked this beauty up for cheap. I was looking for a vintage mid-century Honeywell thermostat to replace the one we kids tore off the wall when we were young (and left a wire sticking out of the wall at that spot) but when this popped up, I thought it better to hang something over that spot that has a function, and looks fab!

Getting the heater to work is a long way off, so a thermostat is not a major priority.

OK, here is a question. I have 3 ceiling lights that need replacement glass shades like this. You can find them all over eBay like this one I got for my office. BUT, I no longer have the little nuts that screw them on to the light fixture. I wonder if Home Depot has new two-bulb ceiling light fixtures that come with the little nuts for these things? Because I don't think I've ever seen them on eBay...

And a simple vintage vanity stool to go with the tiny built-in vanity at the end of the little hall in the Master bedroom. Finally. Trying to get matching benches or stools for both the desk and vanity would take a lifetime, so I finally settled on two different.

Painting the living room is going slow. I'm still concerned the color is too dark, but with the right interior design, fingers crossed, it will be dramatic. I like dramatic. I used "safe" in my art Studio (the converted garage) and wish I went dramatic.

Mint Chocolate Ranch (see prior post) used a darker color for the living room and it turned out wonderful. We shall see if mine has the same results!