Thursday, April 8, 2010

Starburst Thermometer, Vintage Vanity Stool and Rocket Lampshade

Picked this beauty up for cheap. I was looking for a vintage mid-century Honeywell thermostat to replace the one we kids tore off the wall when we were young (and left a wire sticking out of the wall at that spot) but when this popped up, I thought it better to hang something over that spot that has a function, and looks fab!

Getting the heater to work is a long way off, so a thermostat is not a major priority.

OK, here is a question. I have 3 ceiling lights that need replacement glass shades like this. You can find them all over eBay like this one I got for my office. BUT, I no longer have the little nuts that screw them on to the light fixture. I wonder if Home Depot has new two-bulb ceiling light fixtures that come with the little nuts for these things? Because I don't think I've ever seen them on eBay...

And a simple vintage vanity stool to go with the tiny built-in vanity at the end of the little hall in the Master bedroom. Finally. Trying to get matching benches or stools for both the desk and vanity would take a lifetime, so I finally settled on two different.

Painting the living room is going slow. I'm still concerned the color is too dark, but with the right interior design, fingers crossed, it will be dramatic. I like dramatic. I used "safe" in my art Studio (the converted garage) and wish I went dramatic.

Mint Chocolate Ranch (see prior post) used a darker color for the living room and it turned out wonderful. We shall see if mine has the same results!


  1. Holy smokes that thermometer is so cool! I think you can buy the standard two- or three-bulb ceiling light unit, and I know you can get the screw on finial or whatever that piece is that holds the shade in place. Great shade too.

  2. You always find great stuff on ebay! Im pretty sure you and I MUST of had a bidding war once or twice! haha thaat nut your looking for, might quite posssibly be a 1/4 inch nut... maybe you could try the hardware store for that?

  3. I just loves me that glass shade! It's just too "to the moon" for words. Yummo on that vanity stool, as well.

  4. Thanks Uncle Atom, I think you are right. When I get an electrician in here, I will have him replace all the overhead light fixtures just so I can get those little nuts if I have to lol...

    Mick I have often wondered if I am bidding against my blog friends!

    As for the nut for the light fixture, the threads may be a different size. About 15 years ago I tried to find screws for my metal casement windows, and even the old, family-run hardware store said they don't make them in that tread size any more boo... =(

    :::waves@Christine::: =D

  5. Thermometer envy.

    They sell the light fixture screws at any lamp/lighting store that does lamp repairs.

  6. I love your thermostat!! And I am pretty sure I have a few sets of screws lying around somewhere. We have a plethora of those types of lights so let me try to find some and I'll send em to you.

    A darker color is totally do-able. What do you have in mind? I'd love to visualize.

  7. Thanks everyone for the hardware replies. Now I can get all vintage ceiling light glass replacements!


    I converted the garage into an art Studio several years ago. The walls a medium gray, the closet a dark gray. Furniture black, accents of red, black and white artwork on the walls. It looks stunning, but...

    The light-medium gray walls are a bit bland, the dark gray closet is what I love, so...

    Am trying the dark gray in the living room with the same color scheme as the Studio. (The original 1950's colors in there were light grays, so it's fitting, I think).

    I hope it looks as good as I imagine it will. =)

  8. It sounds like it will be very awesome! So you are going with a red, black & white scheme in the living room as well. Have you ever thought of mustard or yellow? Yellow looks great with grey. Blue looks great with grey too (I am biased). Do you have lighter accent pieces? What is the color of the trim in that room? Sorry I keep asking stuff, I just love to design. Plus I love to shop for other people so I might be able to help you find stuff that you're looking for!

    Check this out:


  9. That light cover it amazing! I would have loved to have been a kid staring up at that and dreaming of space!

  10. BakeliteBebe

    Trim will be a darker shade of gray. As I mentioned, I loved the effect in my Studio of gray walls and black furniture.

    I have barkcloth in black, red and white designs (for pillows), curtains I am hoping to get are a gray geometric design (as all the print will be geometric/atomic) and paired with white because half the room is floor to ceiling windows. There is no way I can find that much material in original vintage fabric with the colors I want. The 6 windows are huge!

    I have a red mobile to hang from the ceiling, couch and chair will be black, tables black, lamps are black and gold with a geometric/atomic design overall. Black and gold starburst clocks, Sputnik barometer, lots of things like boomerang ashtrays on tripod legs etc...

    Hardwood floor.

    The wall art I will do myself because I'm handy with art. ;)

    Trying to confine it to these colors is challenging, but I may add other accent colors such as chartreuse or turquoise.

    I love interior design too, as you can tell! =D

  11. Blimey O'Riley: I had no ideas thermostats could look cool.

    That is so fantastic! What an awesome find!

  12. Oops and thanks for the link!

    Amber, I'm glad I went with the space theme in my office. Only took me a couple years to decide lol...

  13. It hails from Canada. Don't think I have seen such a cool thermometer here in the US, Richard. =D

  14. Very cool thermometer!

    You can probably find something that will work with the light fixtures, but I agree, finding the exact pieces will probably be difficult, unless you look at a restoration store (like Rejuvenation).

    We have several of those stores around here, so finding retro fit parts is pretty easy.

    And I have two blogs (which is where the confusion probably came in). One is for regular 'stuff', the other for my artwork.

  15. Hiya Carole, and yes, I made sure to join both your blogs. =)

    Checked out the store and looks like they have two here on the west coast, but none in my state. Will check out their catalog. Thanks!