Friday, April 23, 2010

Starburst Thermometer Arrives... Finally...

It's small! Maybe the person holding it in the photo has freakishly small midget hands? Strange. The auction gave the size, showed the photo of the lady holding it, but it sure does look smaller in person!

Ahh well, it will still cover up the small hole in the wall where the thermostat used to be (until I can get that going again somewhere down the line) and even small, it looks wonderful.

Have my eye on a vintage space card game set ending any minute now, but I keep telling myself to get "fewer bigger" items rather than a lot of smaller items. It's tough to let some of these things pass by! I want everything!

But even as cool as it is, a set of cards? The graphics are fantastic, but do what with them? Frame them? Ugh...

Do you have this kind of problem, tormenting yourself over each potential purchase, or is it my half-Jewish half-Catholic (at twice the guilt) upbringing? Arg! Oy vey! Hail Mary!

Well, happy Friday!


  1. yes, I too torment myself over each and every potential purchase - part of the reason why I miss out on cool stuff.

  2. haha you like me! LikE my grandfather used to tell my grandma "YOU got the WANTS La Dell!" But fewer bigger is better than many smaller!

  3. I did the same thing with the little alarm clock I posted today. I finally bought it after anguishing for days (and without reading the details). I thought it was coke bottle size but it's a wee little thing. Very cool thermometer.

  4. that is such a cool thermometer! Weird when stuff is not the dimensions you imagine in your head, I know exactly what you mean!

    Being broke is a good way to stop buying but you still want to buy so I don't really know the answer ha ha!