Saturday, April 17, 2010

Digitool Starburst Clocks - Real or Fake? What Do You Think?

OK, this is what I meant in my last post.

This seller digitool seems to have an endless supply of starburst clocks. They have been selling these for a couple years. Different styles.

The auction seems to 'imply' they are vintage. or do I simply read this wrong?

Vintage Starburst Sunburst Atomic Eames  Era Black & Silver Wall Clock

Very clean, classic style, 24-spoke black and silver vintage starburst wall clock from circa 1962. 12 matte-black factory-finished solid-steel spike spokes and 12 stainless steel spokes with ball ends. The clock measures a huge 25 inches from tip-to-tip, 6 inches across the face. The matte-black spokes are in  very good condition, the stainless steel spokes are straight, shiny and bright. Near-flawless heavy-gauge spun-aluminum face with perfect vintage-style red hands and a black second hand. You don't see these in silver and black very often.

The clock works perfectly and keeps perfect time. It uses 1 AA battery in a brand-new modern quartz mechanism so it runs accurately and is completely silent. It has easy access to the back so you can set the time or change the battery. A new battery is included but not installed so the hands don't jam. Ships completely assembled and extra securely packaged.

But how is it these clocks also run on batteries if they are from 1962? Did clocks run on batteries back then? None that I knew of. So it is really a design from 1962, not FROM 1962? Are the hands and mechanism new and the clock old?

This auction is currently at $227.00. A lot of money IF this is not a vintage starburst clock. Do people know these are new and are willing to pay $200+ every time these are up for auction, which is all the time?

Am I being too suspicious? Too skeptical? Do I have it wrong? Should I mind my own business? Why do these consistently sell for so much money?

I almost won one of these at the opening bid of $24 last year on Christmas eve (but I missed the closing bid, it ended with no bids grrrr. I emiled to ask if he would do a buy it now, very nicely, and got a snippy reply back. Not that friendly.), and a repro like I suspect these are is cool for that price, but $227 if it's not?

What say you?

********EDIT to add:

This seller clearly states the same clocks (as seen above) are brand new, and has very good Buy It Now prices. So buyer, be savvy and reward the honest sellers!

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