Thursday, April 15, 2010

Speaking of Vintage Collections

They always look better when isolated on a white background and professionally photographed.

And grouped by theme, of course.

Any of these can be yours!

If the price is right.

And as nice as these are to look at, I rather like my own collections. Don't you? =)

(All photos courtesy of website mentioned).

OK, what do YOU collect?


  1. I've always had trouble deciding what I DON'T collect ;)

  2. I collect alot of stuff really. I like it all, but the quirkier, the better. I have a large collection of beach glass and of pottery shards found in out garden. I also collect pixies/gnomes and toadstools.

  3. I sometimes wish I only collected one thing. Like Doc Atomic and his super cool robots and ray guns (see my blogroll for his "ATTIC OF ASTOUNDING ARTIFACTS" blog).

    But I tend to collect anything 1940's-1950's that a house of that era would have.

    And then some lol...

  4. I have always wanted a display of lunch boxes. I bought two Snoopy lunch boxes in the hopes of starting one. Yeah not happening soon.

    I collect Eiffel Towers. I have 30+. I also have an insane collection of Snoopy Hallmark ornaments. I love Snoopy what can I say.

  5. One of these days I'm going to get organized and see how many collections I have. But the thought of doing it makes me a little nauseous. I do like my Infant of Prague collection and OF COURSE all my Barbies and then there's the two huge boxes of SpongeBob stuff as well as the ton of vintage costume jewelry, enough paper ephemera to start a bonfire you could see from the moon . . . blah blah blah. Speaking of that, I set my gas grill on fire last night. You could probably see THAT fire from the moon, as well!

  6. Indeed I do, Im now wondering where I could find a white cack ground big enough for all my lawn chairs! The lunch box wall is pretty cool I must say, and I liked the gears or "sprokets" they'd make a cook wall hanging with some back light?! So what all do you collect?!

  7. I love those little boats! And metal lunch boxes....Who would have ever thought that a staple of our childhood (some of us anyway) would become so highly sought after?

    I have to admit that over the past few years I've gotten rid of many of my collections. Partly because my tastes have changed, and partly because living in a Ranch there's not a lot of room for excess. I'm in to clean lines these days too (I know - boring).

    I used to collect red and green handled kitchen untensils from the 30s/40s (still have a few), miniature chairs, buttons, vintage cameras, and things of that nature.

    I still collect vintage cameras, but they have to be really interesting. I also collect stuff that can be used in my artwork....dice, wooden spools, paper, found objects, beads, fabric. Smaller stuff that doesn't take up a lot of space, though if you saw my paper and other supplies you'd say otherwise. lol

  8. I hear you, Carole. I have one whole shelf ++ dedicated to my Altered Art supplies. It sort of finds it's way onto other shelves somehow... =)

  9. Yikes, it seems like I collect a little bit of everything. lol I really love that lunchbox display in the kitchen!

  10. I have such a penchant for collecting, but it's really only been one that I've been able to indulge for the past two or three years, as I was forever moving around before then and often had to pack up and move with little more than one suitcase (such as when moving to and from Europe).

    Since planting more permanent roots I've stretched my "pocket money" amongst various collections ranging from Japanese miniatures (from a brand called Re-Ment) to Girl Guide and Girl Scout patches. Above all else though, is my love of collecting vintage items, which tend to arrive in the form of clothing (chiefly dresses) and books/magazines.

    I derive a lot of happiness out my collections and likewise always enjoy seeing what others love to amass and treasure as well.

    Many thanks for your visit to Chronically Vintage, I really appreciate your comment and was delighted that you stopped by!

    Wishing you a blissful Thursday,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. I love the lunch boxes! When I lived in the city, we always went to this bar we called "the lunch box bar" - ACE Bar down on the Lower East Side, they have an entire wall filled with classic vintage lunch boxes.

  12. Wow, you sparked some serious comments! I bet we have loads of collections amongst us! There are so many collections inside my house that sometimes I surprise myself when I realize I have 10 angels or 12 wind up clocks or a whole bunch of chicken artwork and statues or 3 pictures of naked buts in my bathroom or lots of plates hanging on the wall in the kitchen.

    Your colored wheels are my favorites! I would SO collect those!

  13. I love seeing how people collect things we wouldn't ordinarily think of as "art" or "collectable".

    Jars of buttons were simple utilitarian things not too long ago, now vintage button jars are thought of as art. =)

    Well, a collectable, at least lol~~

  14. Pretty much everything!! I am slowly turning into a vintage loving pack rat- much to horror of my other half! :) xx

  15. In light of my blog post about disappearing comments the other day, just thought I should let you know I commented on here but it didn't show!
    You didn't reject my comment just to mess with my mind did ya?

    Oh, and I collect tiki paraphernalia. :)

  16. Oh Lord, I heart everything and I collect everything too. Here is a short-list:
    Vintage Basket Purses, Enamel Flower Pins, Vintage Lamps, Vint. Radios, Vint, Calculators, wacky ceramics, weird toys, Full Size Arcade games and other coin op stuff, and more and more and more...sheesh!

  17. Your lunchbox/thermos display is the BEST!

    I also love vintage everything and I've collected pheasants (not real or stuffed, just anything with a pheasant on it), royalty memorabilia, ceramic madonnas (not the singer, think "holy"), and deer figurines/prints/vintage hunting magazine covers. Most of my cactus and plants outside are in vintage ceramic planters. I'm slowly collecting a lot of Frida Kahlo stuff (mostly art prints of her by modern artists).

    I do believe my family is going to have a gigantic estate sale when I'm dead and gone.