Sunday, April 18, 2010

Speaking of Lamps and Accessories

I love these modern creations made by this website here. They sell reproduction fiberglass lampshades and more. They even make repro Majestic S shape lamps.

And I ADORE these atomic finials you add to your vintage lamp tops.

Looks super cool.

BUT they cost $50.

$50! For a finial for a lamp?

Sheesh. With s/h they are about $60, and that's too much for me to pay for such a small addition for my lamps.

Sometimes I feel like folks just charge way too much for some of these things. My opinion only.

When I have the time, I am going to look into making something similar for my own vintage atomic lamps.

It can't be that difficult. Sturdy wire with metal balls and a ring at the base. Or wire and wood balls painted black.

Will do a future post on my experiment and see if I can't come up with something both do-able and affordable we can all recreate ourselves, because there is no doubting, these are way cool!

Do you have any ideas about recreating something like this? if you do, please share!


  1. If you knew someone who could do some welding, that might work. I don't think they would be difficult to make at all...

  2. no the price is totally silly.I could buy a pair of nice vintage lamps for that price.

  3. Aaaah I remember coming across that site.
    They do look brilliant but overpriced - probably.
    As for making your own, I have very similar feelings about mobiles - love, love, love them but don't want to pay those prices for them.

  4. love those! HOpe you can come up with a way to make em! Zootsuitmama

  5. I am dying for a good deal on a set of vintage lamps, I would totally go repro but yes, at these prices no way! lol

    You could totally do something similar. My first thought was cut down wooden dowels...Hmmmm...

  6. I would use heavy gage wire and wood beads. Once you figure out how to make them, you should sell them for half the price! It could be a nice side income!

  7. My husband could make those in a heartbeat. Unfortunately there's a whole list of things that I want him to make for me that are on his famous LIST OF THINGS TO DO FOR MY WIFE, which list just keeps getting longer and longer while he putters away rebuilding choppers and Harleys.

  8. Hey the ned boards have a whole forum for bikers. =) Didn't know he was into that lol...

  9. Such a cool lamp! The finial really makes it

  10. I really like that! Such a pity about the price but it :-)

  11. I've been drooling over those for a long time. There is no way I could ever spend that much money on a finial.
    I was also thinking about trying to make my own fiberglass lampshade but the only site I can find that sells fiberglass parchment by the yard is on either or

  12. Found your site while Googling "atomic finials" .. Love it and added it to my favorites! I've been an ebay shopper for years and just recently started selling. However, with all the fees and competition from Powersellers (who can afford to offer free shipping), I'm going to start listing on etsy and webstore. I found a couple of these finials in my storage and will put them on ebay Sunday...but not at $50!