Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So... When Do YOU Start To Make A Fuss?

OK, I bought and paid for these two items back on April 7th. They still are not here. 13 days later.

I want my vintage goodies! lol...

The starburst thermometer is coming from Canada, so I'd give that a few more days.

But how soon do YOU start emailing the seller to ask where your item is?

I've waited two weeks only to have a seller "forget" to have sent the item out yet, and others that arrive the next day.

What say you, good blogger folks?


  1. We sell on eBay sometimes, and never mind a question about an item being shipped as long as it's not accusatory (it's the kindergarten rule folks, let's all play nicely together). Heck, we MAY have forgotten to ship something and need the reminder, normally, it just hasn't gotten there yet and we can provide tracking numbers so they can follow the package.

  2. I don't buy that much on ebay and I've been quite lucky with my internet purchasing til now.
    So no real advice, but don't they put it as a term when you buy? I thought it usually gave an estimated shipping time. I think it's fine to contact them as soon as that time frame has passed.

  3. one thing I always check is to see if the order details contain a shipping estimate. I usually don't email until the far end of that estimate has passed. And as a casual seller, I know that it is difficult to ship more than once or twice a week, so I usually say that in my listings (I ship Mondays). Good luck!

  4. I know I have had a few problems like that before. I won a beautiful 1950's style hamper and it took 6 weeks to arrive. I left it 2 weeks before contacting them just in case they had gone on holiday or something but they had just literally forgotten. I did get it in the end and it takes pride of place in my master bedroom.

  5. It depends where they are located but I usually give the seller 2 weeks then I will contact them and if they dont reply in 3-4 days I will start to worry and plan my next form of action.

    Hope your thermometer and stool arrive so soon cause they are so darn cute.

    ♥ Miss 1949

  6. This is why when I sell something I always send an email to let them know when I've shipped it.

    As a buyer, I usually base it on what they listed as their shipping time, but 2 weeks is a decent amount to wait. Unless the item is out of the ordinary, most things will get to you in the US in that time.

    Just send them a nice follow-up email. I find that once I send out the email, I get the item the next day (like it's fate toying with me!).

  7. Hmmm thanks for the replies so far!

    I'll give it until tomorrow, did not arrive today.

    Then a nice, friendly email inquiring about them.

    I checked for invoices or tracking numbers, I have none. Unless I deleted them. *blushes*

  8. If I don't get something in a week, and I see that it is not marked as 'shipped' in ebay, then I always contact the seller to ask what the ship dates is (for my own records). I started doing this after also experiencing a seller that forgot to ship something off after 2 weeks.

  9. !

    OK, I didn't know that deal was there in "My eBay", thanks!

    I see the bench/stool was shipped, but not the thermometer, according to the shipping thing. I wonder how accurate that is? Do the sellers click it as "shipped" themselves?

  10. Oh I love that little stool!

    I buy and sell on e-bay I haven't had too many problems with my buying but I have had stuff take 3 weeks to get to me.
    I have had one item never show up, thank God it wasn't too expensive or I would have been really ticked.
    When I sell I always be sure to let my buyers know the day I shipped out their item and to be on the lookout.

  11. Hiya Melzaelf... I'm still waiting for my vintage garter clips I bought back in 2002. Think I'll ever get them? Ha ha ha ...

    That was the only thing that turned up missing, and one buyer of mine didn't get her artwork in over 1,000 things sold, so... Not bad. =)

  12. I hope you get them soon, I always get anxious when things aren't sent or I don't get an e-mail in a reasonable amount of time! lol I'd send a nice sounding e-mail just checking for status on the one that hasn't shown as shipped yet.

  13. I miss buying things on eBay! I was an addict. Once I get a job, I'll be back to my old spending :) Enjoy your new goodies when they arrive!


  14. Yes it's the seller that has to manually mark the item as 'shipped', so either it's not been sent or they've forgotten to click 'mark item shipped'. Defo best to email them, politely, because if it is lost in the mail then the seller needs to get on to chasing it up for you.

  15. Hiya and thanks again for all your replies.

    The bench was marked shipped, and I shot a really nice email to the other seller who responded quickly saying it was late going out, but shipped (maybe the day before I emailed? lol).

    I'm sure they will arrive soon. =)

  16. What a wonderful blog. I have enjoyed so much reading it. Thank you so much for letting me visit.

  17. I buy and sell a lot on eBay (3000+ feedback). Personally, I ship the next business day. When I purchase, and generally these items are $50+ items, I give them seven days to mark as shipped. If it is not marked as shipped after seven days, I send them a msg across eBay asking them if they have shipped; if they have, when, and if not, when again. Many times they will say it was shipped on a previous date, and just didn't mark it as shipped. When I receive that package, many times it was shipped the day I contacted them or hte day after. I give them a neutral feedback for that.

    If they do not answer back in 24 hours, I file a dispute with PayPal. Most times the item is immediately sent after that. If I do not receive a reply after filing a dispute with PayPal in 24 hours, I escalate it to a claim. Many times this gets a reply of a credit, or they immediately ship it. This gets them a neutral feedback.

    The most interesting case was an item that was suppose to be shipped UPS, and had not after 8 days. I msg'd the seller, asking when it was shipped. They replied it had been shipped 7 days ago USPS First Class. After three more days, I still had not received the item, and the time it should have taken for the item to be received was only about 2-3 days, First Class. At that point, I filed a dispute for non-receipt, adding the seller was suppose to have sent it UPS. The seller answered back that they again had mailed it on the date they stated previously, and mailed it again First Class. I waited two more days. No item. I filed a claim. Now the seller entered in a UPS tracking number, that was for an item that had been delivered two weeks prior to another state, with a weight that would not have matched my item. Needless to say, I never got the item, and PP refunded my money. The seller only had a feedback of 3 however, I did neg the seller.

    I personally can not understand how someone can "forget" to ship a package. You get the money, and you know it, but you "forget" the package? As a seller, you have a responsibility to ship the item within the time you state in your listing. If you don't, then you are a poor seller and should not be selling on eBay.

  18. Thanks anon...

    I've been to easy on sellers in the past over these things. And I've been a seller, have sold many things. I never let an item sit for longer than 3 days before I mailed it, and that was long before the star rating system. Now we can hit them with a low number of stars for slow shipping.

    Yeah, no excuse to wait two weeks to mail something out.

    I also need to go back to 1 1/2 years ago and give a couple sellers the negs they deserve. ;)

  19. If it were me, I'd hire a hitman and have them wiped off the face of the earth. But that's just me talking so maybe you'd better take everyone else's advice . . .

  20. This can be a tricky situation for sure. I live in Canada and buy most of my online items from foreign countries, so I'm used to having to employee the patience of a saint when it comes to waiting for my lovely goodies to arrive.

    Generally speaking, I wait 14 business days for items shipped from fellow Canadians. About 25 business days for items from the States (if they were coming via First Class, less time if they were Express), and about four to six weeks for items from overseas.

    I like to let a reasonable amount of time pass, but at the same time, do not want to wait so long that I risk missing the time frame that one has able to file a report with PayPal/eBay/etsy if my item hasn't arrived.

    Fingers crossed your lovely "new" treasures arrive soon, my dear!

    ♥ Jessica

  21. Christine ha ha ha...

    Thanks Jessica, I got my item from Canada today! Yea!

    Now where is that vanity bench? lol...