Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Minimalism - Vintage Interior Design

Inspired by a post over at Moon-Doggies Blog I thought I'd do a post about minimalism in interior design, and managing our collections.

I adore this bedroom! This is the look I am striving for in my living room *fingers crossed* Dark walls, white and gray, with red accents.

But I am one of those people who loves to collect all sorts of vintage treasures.

So, what to do?

Can people really live like this, in these homes? I think they design most for magazine spreads and photo shoots, but I doubt most people actually live like this.

Don't get me wrong, I love rooms filled with all sorts of vintage wonders, but for me, personally, I have to have each room look visually "restful", and for me, that means space. Open space.

For those of us who want to create space, how do we manage our collections?

Here are a few tips that work for me:

1. Decide on a hard and fast era, theme, and a set of colors for each room (or the whole house).

2. Stick to that theme and those colors. Do not deviate. (This cuts down on the random buying for me).

3. If you find you have too many things in theme and colors, select ONLY those things that "look right", and get rid of the rest. Box and store the things you just can't bare (bear?) to get rid of right away.

By sticking to a theme and a set of colors, it really makes a room look cohesive and "put together" rather than a "visual carnival".

Let me say again, I love rooms filled with all sorts of vintage treasures, but for ME I need "order" in my home.

One more tip:

I have 6 shelves in the Studio (garage) that I filled with vintage stuff. I covered the whole thing with a black drape and it not only looks wonderful, houses my "extras" collection, but it keeps the dust off too, and I can access it any time I want, if I wanted to change things up a bit.

Oops and one more!

It's better to have fewer, larger things than a lot of little things (a habit I have to break myself of).

If you have any tips, please share them!