Monday, April 26, 2010

Mid Century 1950's Original Era Artworks

I started collecting images of Mid-Century artwork photos from eBay and on the web to give me some ideas about painting my own artworks for my living room.

I chose abstracts that are rather easy to recreate, even for those of you who may not have much art experience. I hope these inspire you to try and paint your own too!!

Do you know of any websites that feature mid-century art? If so, let me know!

Also any contemporary artists who do Eames/1950's style art?.

Will keep updating this post!

It doesn't take much to recreate many of these more abstract artworks, so maybe you'd like to try some yourself!

Here are a few more additions:

This one (above) is supposed to have been done by Victor Hugo, Andy Warhols life partner, when he was 12. Very cool!

This one (above) had two sides to it. This is the back and the better artwork.

Contemporary sculpture (above) I love the work but it's far too costly for me!

Like this, but I think I'd change the colors some what.

Colors are a bit dark, but I like the style (above)

Contemporary artist (above)

And if all else fails, a collage is simple to do! (Above)

Or a mix of paint and collage. (Above).

Ha ha I found an older post on my own blog via google of a couple artworks I like. This rug (Above) caught my eye a long time ago. Would make a good painting design.


  1. Have you tried doing a search over at I am doing the same thing (making my own art from vintage inspiration pieces) and had some good success over there. And off your site! *lol*

  2. If i wasn't so zero with paint tubes and paintbrushes, be sure my home will be a reproduction studio since a long time ha ha ha ;)

  3. One of my blogger friends, Hoarder of Awesome, has made his own googie inspired art, her has posted about it recently, check it out!

  4. You and moondogie make me jealous on a daily basis. I may need to quit you both :) JK.

  5. i was lucky enough to get to the Miro museum in Barcelona - i love his work and if you do/would to?

  6. My husband and I inherited all of his parents art. We love the mid-century look of it and have a dream mid-century home picked out that would be perfect. My husband grew up in Socal and his parents were friends with many local artists. He even helped stretch canvases with the head of the Art department of Chapman University. So cool to see your collection!

  7. That's fantastic! Born and raised and still in so Cal myself. =)

    BTW, there are just images I am collecting so I can paint my own. As an artist I can't justify spending money on other artists' work to hang on my own walls (plus I'm not rich enough to collect artworks lol)