Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It Could Only Happen To Me

I bought this mint in box pink Sunbeam kitchen wall clock for my birthday, back in January.

Ever since, it's been sitting on a chair, waiting for me to paint the kitchen walls first so it can be proudly displayed.

But the other day as I was moving things to paint the living room, I picked it up and saw something inside the clear plastic cover at the bottom.

(Slot indicated by arrow)

I looked closer, and to my huge dismay, somehow a small, dark bug had crawled inside one of the teeny, tiny assembly slots and died. UGH!!

(This is a simulation, there is NO way I am going to photograph the actual, ugly thing!)

This could ONLY happen to me!

I shook it, trying to get it back out the same way, but noooooooo, there is no way that ugh bug is coming out. =(

There is no way to remove the clear plastic cover, it's assembled in such a way that it's not meant to come back off.

Waaaaaaa!! This could only happen to me. =(

**EDIT and oh geez, what did I do with the original box? Did I accidentally throw it out with other packing boxes? UGH!!

Put me out of my misery.... I think I did throw out the box by accident.


  1. Could you use "canned air" to blast him to bits? That could just make it worse hahah! Maybe the bed bug could be your little secret, I doubt anyone else would ever notice him, just don't hang it over any soup pots or the day you least expect it it'll dislodge and you get some special spices!

  2. LOL!! Amber, you crack me up.

    Maybe if I hang it at the top of the wall so no one can see it lol....

  3. eugh! How frustrating!
    I agree with Amber - it's unlikely anyone else will notice but I understand how your knowledge that it's there will irk you.

  4. It's so gross lol... I don't have bugs in my house, where did it come from and why are the vintage gods angry with me?

    I mean, I work hard, eat my veggies, bid high and often, so what did I do wrong? har.....

  5. Do you know a dentist? Maybe they could use one of their tiny sucking vacuum tools to suck the bug outta there. There's gotta be a technical way to remove the bug from the clock through the tiny hole. Don't give up and ask a few friends that are good w/ tools. Go see the dentist!

  6. awww i love the clock.. sorry about the bug!

  7. Due to the fact that we have bugs EVERY-freaking-where I'd feel lucky to just have one teeny weeny bugkin.

  8. Hmmm not a bad idea, will....

    Hey there you are Christine!

    Once again thanks one and all for the comments and commiseration.

    I feel like kicking myself in the arse for throwing out the original box this came in by accident. ARG!!

  9. You never know.. it could be a vintage bug. ;)

  10. I am loving that clock! I've got a green one around here somewhere...how did that bug get inside it?

  11. *shakes fist at bug*
    but the clock is DARLING!

  12. Ahh no - I totally understand your frustration. Even if nobody else can see it, you still know that imperfection is there. If you can shake it so that the bug is right over the slot, can you maybe stick a needle up there and push the bug against the wall with it so that you break it in two? Maybe it will fall out easier that way. (It could have crawled in when it was younger, and grew up in there! Like a ship in a bottle :/ )

  13. Just keep shaking the clock. The bug will eventually disintegrate and turn to dust.

  14. I shook it a bit and part of it broke apart, then I worried I'd have a bunch of yuck in the bottom and clinging to the plastic cover insides.

    I then shook it in hopes it might get lost in the clock gears but that bad boy just kept dropping back down! Har!

  15. i already read this blog, but i came back again because i love how new this clock looks. its beautiful. I would put it high on top of a bookcase or high piece of furniture where the bug is above eye level and no one will see it.

  16. Oh, man, that IS a drag. The clock is fabulous. I hope you are able to figure something out.
    And - do you mean the box in the first picture....is gone?

  17. stop messing w/ it and see a dentist! jiggle the bug over the hole and have them suck it out. really.

  18. Hiya and thanks Keith...

    Yup Heidi, I think I accidentally threw out the box, you know, because this was MINT IN BOX when I bought it but somehow, and it could only happen to me, the original box got mixed in with other boxes and out to the trash it went waaa.....

    Will the little tab slot is so thin, not sure that will do it. The bug is bigger than the opening.

  19. Wait...Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, a year has passed and I'm able to get the vintage bug update! What happened? Were you able to use the dentist suggestion? Did you ever come across the box?

  20. lol!!

    The bug curled up inside the clock when it croaked, so no sucking it out, and YES!!! I found the box!!

    If I hang it high enough on the wall, you won't be able to see the offending "thing" inside the bottom of the clock, but still, WHY ME! lol.......