Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It Could Only Happen To Me

I bought this mint in box pink Sunbeam kitchen wall clock for my birthday, back in January.

Ever since, it's been sitting on a chair, waiting for me to paint the kitchen walls first so it can be proudly displayed.

But the other day as I was moving things to paint the living room, I picked it up and saw something inside the clear plastic cover at the bottom.

(Slot indicated by arrow)

I looked closer, and to my huge dismay, somehow a small, dark bug had crawled inside one of the teeny, tiny assembly slots and died. UGH!!

(This is a simulation, there is NO way I am going to photograph the actual, ugly thing!)

This could ONLY happen to me!

I shook it, trying to get it back out the same way, but noooooooo, there is no way that ugh bug is coming out. =(

There is no way to remove the clear plastic cover, it's assembled in such a way that it's not meant to come back off.

Waaaaaaa!! This could only happen to me. =(

**EDIT and oh geez, what did I do with the original box? Did I accidentally throw it out with other packing boxes? UGH!!

Put me out of my misery.... I think I did throw out the box by accident.