Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Hump Day

The Philco Predicta TV sold for $730 + $125 s/h. Not bad considering the reproduction models probably cost as much or more. I still have no clue because they don't tell you on any of their websites.

And because I am realizing I need BIG lamps for my BIG living room rather than the several pair of bedside sized lamps I already have I debated and debated over this pair of majestic lamp shades in hopes of buying the bases at a later date...

But I chickened out and they sold for just over $100 each, $200 for the pair.

Not bad, all things considered, but then I'd have to wait and wait for a pair of Majestic lamp bases to come up for auction.

Sometimes accumulating the "right" stuff ain't easy lol.

I have my eye on this pair of lamps BUT the shades are brown. I don't have brown in any of the rooms as a dominant color.

They are selling them separately which sucks (man and woman) and yet try though I might, I just can't think of how I'd incorporate them into any of my rooms with that brown shade. But I do like them.

Did I say how hard it is to collect the "right" stuff?

And I still have my eye on a repro Calder mobile for the living room.

The colors are perfect, but at $120, not exactly cheap!

Still, it would be perfect and save me the trouble of trying to make one......

Hope you all are having a great day!