Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Hump Day

The Philco Predicta TV sold for $730 + $125 s/h. Not bad considering the reproduction models probably cost as much or more. I still have no clue because they don't tell you on any of their websites.

And because I am realizing I need BIG lamps for my BIG living room rather than the several pair of bedside sized lamps I already have I debated and debated over this pair of majestic lamp shades in hopes of buying the bases at a later date...

But I chickened out and they sold for just over $100 each, $200 for the pair.

Not bad, all things considered, but then I'd have to wait and wait for a pair of Majestic lamp bases to come up for auction.

Sometimes accumulating the "right" stuff ain't easy lol.

I have my eye on this pair of lamps BUT the shades are brown. I don't have brown in any of the rooms as a dominant color.

They are selling them separately which sucks (man and woman) and yet try though I might, I just can't think of how I'd incorporate them into any of my rooms with that brown shade. But I do like them.

Did I say how hard it is to collect the "right" stuff?

And I still have my eye on a repro Calder mobile for the living room.

The colors are perfect, but at $120, not exactly cheap!

Still, it would be perfect and save me the trouble of trying to make one......

Hope you all are having a great day!


  1. Woo, that stuff is pricey! I operate in the $1-$5 range for shades. A good lamp, maybe $20. The mobile is sweet too Maybe if you're feeling really crafty, you could make a mobile? I wonder if there are any tutes online for them? I can't believe the people with the pair of lamps are selling them separate, They are a PAIR! C'mon! :-)

  2. I was LUCKY to get a large two-tiered shade for $12 this past week, they always sell for $35-$100 grrrr...

    I once bid on a set of Majestic lamps with these same lamp shades but they sold for over $500!! So that's why I debated...

    Yeah, the more I look at "modern retro" mobiles the more I think I will make my own. I've made smaller ones in the past when I was showing my art and crafts at art shows. It's not that difficult, you simply need some kind of material that cuts well and assembles and looks good.

  3. Ha! I was also watching the sunburst lampshades, but the price got just too high.

  4. Ha ha Keith! I figure many of my fellow bloggers watch a lot of the same stuff I do lol...

  5. ooh I have a lamp with a similar shade, managed to get it all the way back to UK but when I opened it up, despite being well packed it had snapped in half eeek, I got it restored though. I would definately make the mobile myself!

  6. I love the things you collect. Once you finish your house, you'll have to do a video tour for those of us who have watched you create!

  7. Straight Talking Mama!, that sucks! Arg....

    Mz Chickens, I hope I live long enough to get this project done lol... if I do, copious photos will abound, and video if I can remember how to use the dealie on my digital camera.

    I'm not sure I'll ever get there... =(

  8. You'd love the store I discovered a few days ago, though most of their lighting was ceiling type, there were several vintage lamps as well. It was a true time capsule to walk through.

  9. Pictures, we want to see pictures, Carole... =)

  10. Oh, I saw a Modernism mag last week at the bookstore, there was a little blurb about the Philco repros, I believe it said $1800-3600. Not sure if that's tabletop vs. floor standing or standard model vs. custom, or what.

  11. Those lampshades are too awesome! If I had ten of them - I would still buy more if I could. I posted on Vintage Housewife blog about my lamp and dish addictions! But I draw the line at some of the outrageous prices! Zootsuitmama

  12. Yikes, thanks anon, I figured they were super expensive. As you see, you can get the real deal for much less...

    Ha ha zootsuitmama, I have this HUGE lamp addiction/fixation!

    Now I am on the prowl for a pair of larger lamps.

  13. Hey fellow veggie! I heart your blog so much I gave it an award :)

    here is the link:

  14. I want a Predicta so bad. There's one at a nearby antique store that the old man wants $275 for. Red Princess model. However, you can tell the screen is shot without even plugging it in. But, if I could just get him to come down a little... If it worked that would be a great deal.