Saturday, April 17, 2010

Don't You Hate It When. . .

Don't you hate it when you are SURE an eBay auction ends at a certain time, you even write it down, then when you go back to get ready to bid on it, you find the auction has already ended? With NO bids, so you could have snagged an amazing deal for the opening bid price?

And then you email the seller and ask if they are going to relist it, or could they offer you a Buy It Now for the opening bid?

And of course they email you back saying they would have lost big time if it only sold for the opening bid price and NO they won't let it go for that opening bid amount because they had 20 "watchers" on it (but why didn't they bid either?).

So I lost out on this cool shelf set.

Much like I lost out on that starburst clock at the opening bid from the seller who seems to have an endless supply of starburst clocks they used to claim were "vintage" (I'm a skeptic, and while his/her clocks still sell for $100+, I think s/he took out the word "vintage" ;) because as I wrote here over a year ago, s/he sure seems to have an endless supply of "vintage" clocks in perfect, brand-new shape)

Oh well, I console myself by saying the colors red and yellow won't fit any of my rooms, and it's probably too small, and. . . I'm just mad! Ha ha