Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Vintage Gods, Please....

Dear Vintage Gods, please give me this awesome 1950's Philco Predicta TV.

It's been beautifully reconditioned and all the inner workings are better than new.

I promise to be good the rest of the year if you just bring this to my door. Thank you!

One day to go, auction currently at $325.

Or should I simply buy it myself? lol... But I have a 1950's TV already. But it's not THIS cool...


  1. That is neat! I've never seen anything like it!

  2. I have one, but it doesn't work. How does one recondition it? I'd love to get mine working! Go for it, it's well worth it! Zootsuitmama

  3. OK to answer your questions.

    Yes I gutted my 1953 set down to the shell, leaving only the "Box" and the glass plate that went over the picture tube. I then built a little shelf for the new tv to set on and pushed the new tv up the where the old picture tube used to be! That way you;ve got a brand new digital dvd/vhs tv all ready you can work it with a new remote and and unless you llok really close you honestly cant tell theres a new tv in it. I did keep the innards of my tv (in hopes that some day it can be restored) but if your set didnt work to begin with id just chuck or ebay the left overs. I did have to rig up a 4inch by 4 inch square of wood to glue the old tv knobs on the set but it can also be done with foam and a dowel rod. youshould post a picture of your set and maybe i could give some more advice! trust me its sooo cool to have a vintage looking set, People tell me all the time how lucky I am to 1 have an ORIGINAL work tv set from the 50's and ITS IN COLOR?! Yup, 1953 and works like a champ haha! Shhhhhh its my little secret ;)

  4. Thanks for the replies, and thanks for the details, Mick. Will do a TV post soon.

    My TV worked the last time I switched it on, I mean, I saw a picture starting to show on the screen. Not sure it draws in a picture, it started to smell a little "burny" so I shut it off right away. Those tubes take time to heat up, and I'm paranoid about fires, so that was the extent of it lol.

    Most TVs are flat screen/wide screen now, so I am not sure I could get a modern TV to fit in the square shape of the TV... Hmmm

  5. My grandma was always sending her tv to the repair shop. Now, I'm surprised when I even see a repair shop but there'd probably one near you, wouldn't there?

  6. wow love the idea of having this reconditioned! I also like Micks idea, although I can't envisage it, I like the idea of something that looks this good but works like a normal TV! Good luck if you decide to bid instead of relying on the vintage gods!

  7. Oh, as for reconditioning this one, read the auction description. They explain all the details.

    They sell reproduction TVs exactly like this too, so you could get a "new vintage" one. I did a post about it months ago. BUT the website gives NO prices what so ever. I guess you have to get a rep on the phone and I don't like that. Tell me what it costs, I'll get it if I like it. =)

  8. A coupla weeks back I bought a new flat screen tv. I didn't have an vintage one to start with, just a big "hunk-a-vision" of plastic yuckiness! I like the flat panel tv's, because even though they are new, they are still slick. My Dad says he remembers that when he was a boy, in Popular Mechanics, they were saying that "hang on the wall tv's were just around the corner"! Well, 50 yrs later they are...big corner! We are the "future" of the 50
    s & 60's!

  9. I remember when having a COLOR TV was the WAVE OF THE FUTURE lol....

    I think my vintage TV will go in the living room, the flat screen I watch in my office/bedroom. I can hide it in the closet if need be.

    But I am going to look into converting my vintage with a newer TV...

  10. Your blog is so retro-fabulous! I have bookmarked and subscribed. You know your stuff!

    I am writing because I sold this EXACT TV on ebay about 5 years ago - for less than 100 dollars if I remember correctly. I regret it now....ahhh, hind sight!

    If you want to look at some pretty cool vintage 50's and 60's trailers we have restored, we have a blog here -

    Again, I LOVE your blog, and will be back!