Monday, April 19, 2010

Atomic Ranch Lady Claws Her Eyes Out

OK, I ALMOST clawed my eyes out when I missed the ending time of yet another screaming deal auction on a super fine Eames chair, perfect for my desk in the Maser bedroom that sold for only $19. I'd show you a photo of it, but I was so upset I deleted the auction as soon as I realized I had missed it by minutes.

And while I was kicking my own rump and wishing a pox on myself I realized too late there were a couple other auctions ending just after the chair auction. Yup, missed those too. *rolls eyes*

I pride myself on being able to remember a billion inconsequential details of all the clients I speak to via my businesses, and this morning I mistook one client with the same name for another, so I go on to ask if he had been to his friends' daughters bat mitzvah and blah blah... Turns out it was the WRONG freakin' client. Ugh!! Duh!

Sooooo when I won this awesome large warm colored two tiered vintage fiberglass lampshade like I have been looking for since last year at a steal for $12, it just about made up for the cruddy day I'd been having so far!

Thank goodness for the good deals on eBay, and reading all your blogs to keep me sane!

Painting in the living room is progressing still, but ho hum I want it to be done already! Curse this old lady body of mine and it's aches and pains lol...